The 4 C’s

Round White DiamondA diamond’s weight is measured in carats, where one carat equals 100 points. So 50 points equals ½ carat and 75 points equals ¾ carat. Larger diamonds are more rare and therefore, more valuable. Learn more about Diamond Carat Weight.

Clarity measures “inclusions,” or natural identifying characteristics such as minerals or small fractures within the diamond. They look like tiny crystals, clouds, feathers or cracks. Larger inclusions lessen a diamond’s sparkle by limiting the passage of light. Learn more about Diamond Clarity.

Diamonds range from the rare colorless (“D”) to light yellow (“Z”), and the higher the color, the more valuable. Colored diamonds are called “fancy diamonds” and come in many colors, including yellow, cognac, blue, black and many more. Learn more about Diamond Color.

Of the 4 C’s, cut is a diamond's most important characteristic. It has the greatest overall influence on a diamond's beauty and gives a diamond it’s brilliance. Diamond “cut” refers to how well proportioned the diamond is, not the shape of the diamond. Shape refers to the outward appearance of the diamond, such as round, princess or emerald. Learn more about Diamond Cut.

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