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Fox Fine Jewelry specializes in custom designed jewelry. We have made thousands of custom rings and jewelry for people over the years. It's all done on premises under the guidance of our owner, Certified Gemologist and Master Jeweler George Fox. Many people have a sentimental piece they want to remake (here's guidance), gems or diamonds, an idea or a specific request. We work with all of these and can even reuse your sentimental gold. Visit our custom design gallery for some examples.

Custom Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant

Computer Designed Custom Jewelry

Fox Fine Jewelry is one of very few jewelry designers anywhere to use computer modeling in house. Your jewelry is created with a sophisticated 3-D modeling program and a lifelike render is emailed to you. If you love it, great! We'll proceed. If you want to make some changes, we do that right in the program. When the design is perfect, a precise wax model is cut out by computer in our workshop.

To cast your jewelry we first put the wax into a cylinder and fill it with a special plaster. It goes into the kiln overnight, melting the wax out of the cylinder and leaving a perfect negative impression of your jewelry. Then we put the cylinder into our casting equipment, light the torch, melt the metal and shoot it into the mold! It's a dramatic and fun process to watch, and is visible through our workshop windows. Next, your jewelry has an initial polishing, gems and diamonds are set, pieces are assembled, and a second polish is given before final inspection. We want it to be perfect! It's quite a process and one that we take very seriously. Every step and detail is important to give you just what you want. FAQ's and a client discusses his process.
Computer Designed Custom Jewelry Process
 Computerized modeling has many advantages:
                    Custom Designed Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 

Custom Jewelry is made On Premises

Fox Fine Jewelry is unique in that we do the designing, computer modeling, casting and finishing all on-premises. Many jewelers still make custom jewelry by hand carving the wax model. Others will discuss your design with you, and then send the notes out for someone else to interpret. It's common for details to get lost in the translation. If you are supplying diamonds or gems, then often these are shipped to the computer modeler, increasing your risk.

You may be concerned about coming in for a custom design because you don't know what you want. That is why we are here -- to help you discover what you like and assist with the design. We'll take you around the store and show you different pieces, noting your taste. From that we get a good idea of your style and begin to design with you. It's what we do, we do this a lot, and we're good at it. We'd be honored to help you too.

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