GIA, AGS and EGL Certificates

What is a GIA, AGS, or EGL Diamond Report or Certificate?

A diamond certificate or report is created by a team of gemologists who evaluate and measure a diamond. The report contains the diamond’s dimensions, clarity, color, polish, symmetry, and other characteristics. Many round diamonds will also include a cut grade on the report.

What is the difference between GIA, AGS and EGL diamond certificates?

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the AGS (American Gem Society Laboratories) , both nonprofits, are the most respected laboratories in the diamond industry. These laboratories are consistent and conservative in their grading and therefore highly regarded.  Both GIA and AGS grade a diamond based on how well it’s cut for three factors: polish, symmetry and cut. The GIA’s highest possible grade is “triple X,” while the AGS’s highest possible grade is “triple 0” (given for excellence in polish, symmetry and cut)
GIA Diamond Certificate
Unlike the GIA and AGS, the EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) is a for-profit organization. Possibly by coincidence,  the EGL usually grades diamonds higher than the GIA and the AGS. Therefore, diamonds graded by EGL are not as well respected for accuracy and usually sell at very substantial discounts.

But plenty of EGL graded diamonds are accurately graded, but they will still sell at a discount. George Fox, Fox Fine Jewelry's owner and Certified Gemologist, sifts through these diamonds. He’s looking for the beautiful diamonds that are value priced, so we can pass it along to you!

Whatever shape, size and quality you are looking for, diamonds are our expertise and we’re here to help!

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