Rhodium, Silver & Gold Plating

Electroplating your treasures to restore their original beauty
Gold Plating
Gold plating can be done on most items, including gold filled and costume jewelry, watches and sculptures. We strip off old gold plate, polish and clean your items before plating, to give you the best results possible. Gold plating is suitable for jewelry that will be worn occasionally. This is especially true for rings and bracelets as they receive more ‘wear’ than pendants, earrings and brooches. Frequent wear diminishes the gold plating, exposing the metal below.
Silver Plating
Silver plating is often done on antique and vintage tea sets and tableware. Fox Fine Jewelry can remove most dents and silver plate most item sizes. Hollowware (fully enclosed hollow pieces) presents a special challenge, and we will take special care to restore it.

Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring in White GoldRhodium plating is a plating that is put on virtually all white gold jewelry. Rhodium wears off with time, especially on the back side of rings and on the tops of the prongs. If your jewelry is no longer bright white, bring it to Fox Fine Jewelry. We’ll rhodium plate it and have it sparkling white again!

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