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Eric Paczkowski

September 1, 2018

My wife lost her wedding ring a few years ago. It was her grandmothers and a period ring from the 30's, an Art Deco design with hard to find cut stones, she was heartbroken with the loss. I went to see George Fox of Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura, CA. He had helped me alter her grandmother's ring for my wife's wedding ring 14 years earlier. George had decent photographs of the now lost ring and said he could come close to making it like the original. Because of the quality and design of the original ring it was not going to be easy or cheap ( platinum, period cut diamonds and hand engraving ). George located the period stones which took a little probing of his contacts. He designed the ring via CAD computer design software, 3-D printed the ring and cast the mold. George poured the platinum, did all the setting of the hand picked stones and the "Fire Mark" IF grade main stone, and the detailed hand engraving. When I went to pick up the finished ring I was blown away! To say it was incredibly beautiful and "spot on" as the original is an understatement ( I teared up ), it was truly a "master piece of art" and much better than the original. George Fox prides himself on quality workmanship, and his passion for custom designed jewelry. Sure, Fox Fine Jewelry sells items priced for every budget. But if you are thinking of getting a one off, custom designed ring, see George Fox. If there is a level for jewelers like there is in the painting world called "The Masters" George Fox is number one.

Rosie Shapiro

September 6, 2018

Everyone at Fox has been amazing and so accommodating. George custom made my wedding band and he went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend doing Buisness at Fox Fine Jewelry!

Greg Pickard

July 17, 2018

Incredible service, genuine care, and most knowledgeable out of all the stores I went to. Let them treat you and welcome you into their world of fine jewelry. You wont be disappointed. Thank you Ann for helping me design the most beautiful ring for my bride to be.

anna elledge

August 28, 2018

Not a place I’d normally feel comfortable but felt warmly welcomed and quickly helped by Sandy who got us thru finding a wedding band and great follow up by Niki who explored ring options for myself. Felt good to support an awesome locally owned family business, highly recommend.

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Patty Rush

September 8, 2018

Beautiful store. Helpful staff. Local, family owned. Have done 2 repair jobs for me, even received a partial refund as one ring was silver and I had thought it was white gold. Honest!

Suz Montgomery

September 5, 2018

Professional and friendly ! Great service

Be Dat

August 18, 2018

Outstanding in every way.

Nancy Denharder

August 1, 2018

The staff at Fox Jewelry are knowledgeable, down to earth and easy to work with.

R Ash Ekholm-Spann

July 31, 2018

Beautiful job fixing the break in my wedding ring and rebuilding the setting for the diamond! Looks like it did on my wedding day!

Jenna Rivera

July 28, 2018

Amazing customer service !!!,probably the best Service I’ve ever had for anything ,super friendly,my engagement ring came out so beautiful after the minor fixes

Julia Culbertson

July 21, 2018

Madison designed a gorgeous ring for my fiancé for our wedding! I was going to go with a simple band but she offered to design a ring based off of his tribal tattoo that represented strong morals within his life. The ring came out exactly like she designed and I’ve never seen anything more beautiful! The entire process was so simple and they kept me updated the entire time. Everyone was so excited to see me pick it up and it really felt like a family sharing in my excitement for our wedding! Thank you so much Madison for the wonderful design, and thank you Fox Jewelry for making a treasure that we will love for a lifetime!

Pat Visser

July 21, 2018

Like some of the others, I had loads of jewelry left to me from my grandmother and my mom. I had absolutely no clue what was "real". Ann spent multiple hours with me going through each piece. I had a ring that was given to me when I was a teen that was missing a stone. With Ann's help, I was able to "recycle" some of the old jewelry that I would not have worn into repairing my own ring. George created a fabulous ring for me from my mom and grandma's wedding rings and another ring. Everyone at Fox is incredibly nice and they are so compassionate and fair. I was especially impressed with what they are doing to help the Thomas Fire victims also! I have already sent people your way!!!

Jan Hall

July 21, 2018

Beautiful Jewelry - more importantly, terrific owners and stellar customer service. If you can envision it, they can make it. A MUST stop when in Ventura!

Jennifer Wright

July 20, 2018

They did a great job resizing my ring. Sized down 2 sizes and you cannot even tell it was touched.

Julie Horne

July 18, 2018

Thank you to Fox Fine Jewelry for adjusting the clasp on my Ventura necklace. I appreciate your thorough and courteous service and your extra touches in presentation of the related paperwork. I also love looking at the beautiful jewelry while visiting your establishment.

Rebecca Madigan Roling

July 15, 2018

I've admired all that Fox Fine Jewelry has been doing to support the community, particularly since the #thomasfire. So they were the first place I brought my grandmother's pearls to be restrung into a bracelet for my niece's wedding shower. Sandy, "The Stringer," did a beautiful job, and even got it done early after I called her in a panic after realizing the shower was one week earlier than I had written down! The bracelet is beautiful and my niece loved it!

Dolores Gillmore

July 13, 2018

Fox Jewelers is Ventura’s hidden gem! I learned about them through their kind offering in the Montecito Journal donating pendants to victims of the Thomas Fire and also the sale of pendants’ proceeds. I bought the Montecito pendant, but the Ojai, Ventura and 805 thrive are all equally beautiful. And while I was in the store I was given a tour by the owner Debbie Fox of their work room where they design and make many of their pieces. A real treat for a jewelry lover like me! I also learned they do repairs and even string pearls. So I brought mine in that needed restringing. Just picked them up and they were beautifully tightly knotted. Very pleased indeed, thanks Fox!

Cynthia Bouscaren

July 2, 2018

Took a pair of earring to be fixed (the top hook had broken so couldn't wear them). I'd had the earrings sitting for the better part of a year. I was in Ventura and brought them with me. The convenience of the new Fox Jewelers location to the parking structure is great!!! The earrings were promised in a few days and were completed before expected. Also like the email to let you know your order is ready to pick up! Thanks Fox!

Diane Treanor

June 25, 2018

After many years of having my grandmother’s earrings sitting around (one of which the wire piece was broken) I finally took them to Fox Fine Jewelery to have repaired. They were not especially valuable, but very sentimental to me as my grandmother always wore them. Dezi was very helpful and within a week, the earrings were not only repaired but buffed and polished and looked brand new. These earrings are at least 70 years old. Thank you Fox and family for your great service and beautiful work. Also, while I was there with my friend, she purchased two of the beautiful Ojai Thomas fire necklaces. One as a gift and one for herself.

Penni Mallernee

June 25, 2018

This is an amazing place and the people who own it have the biggest hearts ever! They truly love Ventura and the surrounding areas. It shows not only in their beautiful jewelry, but in the way they treat their customers and neighbors. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Jeneth Rundle

June 24, 2018

The redesign of my wedding ring for our 30th anniversary is a complete success and even more beautiful than we expected. Fox Fine Jewelry has surpassed all expectations. Louisa did such a fabulous job working with our design ideas and George did such beautiful work bringing it into reality. Thank you so much. XXOO

Karen Duffy

June 18, 2018

I think just about the whole staff worked hard at resizing a bracelet for me. It was a tricky one. But George Fox figured out the riddle. Fox has fixed many pieces of jewelry for me, at times getting quite creative in the process, and every time with great care!!

Janice Holden

June 8, 2018

Saw the final product today of the two pieces that George created for our daughter. Unbelievable...just gorgeous. Incredibly better than I imagined. Thank you Louisa for your patience, your creativity, and compassion for gems and the happy satisfied client! MICHAEL and I can't thank you all at Fox enough. J Holden Machuzak.