Titanium and Hawaiian Wood Rings

titanium-and-wooden-rings-inlayFox Fine Jewelry’s titanium rings with wood inlay are a durable, comfortable and unique alternative to traditional titanium rings. Choose a single wood inlay, or multiple woods of different shades. We also offer titanium rings with with gemstone inlays, either as stripes or in design motifs.

Create your own custom ring with dozens of woods and gems

Choose matching wedding rings that speak to both of you, or style them a bit differently. Make one wider or add a diamond to the other, for example. Tropical scenes are a good fit for a wood inlay ring, and you can choose your own gems to create the panorama. The options for custom rings are endless.

titanium-and-wooden-rings-inlayWhen choosing your ring, note that single wood inlays, or multiple inlays of similarly shaded woods will give a more subtle look. Use a combination of lighter and darker woods for a bolder look in your wooden ring. Diamonds show their sparkle more in darker colored woods. Deeper hued gems like rubies and sapphires will show better set in a medium to light color wood.

Wooden ring durability

These durable wooden rings are safe to wear in water, the ocean, while using detergent and hand sanitizer. The wood inlay has a protective resin coating, developed after years of working with NASA scientists. Please remove your rings when working with acetone or acetone based products such as nail polish remover. Over the years your wooden ring may show some wear. If at any time in the future you’d like to replace it, simply return it to Fox Fine Jewelry and we’ll replace it for $50.

Stop in to Fox Fine Jewelry and view our extensive selection of wooden rings. If that isn’t possible, contact us. We’ll be happy to help!
titanium-and-wooden-rings-inlay-with-tropical-design    titanium-and-wooden-rings-inlay-with-diamond

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