2014 Pandora Retired Charms

Posted on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 7:01 pm by Debbie

Make way for the new charms! Pandora is retiring a lot of charms, in anticipation of their many new releases planned for 2014. Some charms have been replaced with new versions (see the strawberry, the pineapple and the fish). Halloween buffs, note the ghost, the jack o'lantern and the witch are in this list!

While there are a few butterflys being retired, wait for the spring release--it's loaded with beautiful butterflies!

Shop the retired charms at Fox Fine Jewelry, while supplies last, until Thursday, April 10th.

2014 Pandora Retired Charms-colored gemstones
2014 Pandora Retired Charms-Sterling silver
2014 Pandora Retired Charms--Two tone silver and gold
2014 Pandora Retired Charms--Dangle Charms
2014 Pandora Retired Charms-Clips
2014 Pandora Retired Charms--Gold and Murano Glass