Free Pandora Bracelet and New Pandora Spring 2016 Charms

Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2016 at 5:39 am by Debbie Fox

Free Pandora Bracelet
March 31 – April 3, 2016
Get a Free Pandora Bracelet ($65 Value) with a $100 Pandora purchase

Pandora Spring 2016Pandora’s Spring 2016 collection is blooming with Lace and Daisies, Dahlias and Forget Me Nots. Purple and sparkles are big, but when it turns to pinks, look for the softer enamels.

An exciting development in Pandora’s Spring 2016 collection are new, thinner clips with a silicone insert. They go on any Pandora bracelet so you can have as many ‘sections’ of your bracelet that you want. And a new sterling silver Pandora bracelet allows you to place the new clips anywhere you want, because the threaded spots are eliminated. Put them on your Free Pandora Bracelet - Nice!

The new Pandora Disney 2016 collection is out also, with a long awaited Tinker Bell Star, and special charms for Rapunzel, Ariel and Aurora. Maximus is sure to be a hit!

Shop soon - the Free Pandora Bracelet is here only from March 31 through April 3, 2016.

Pandora - The Basics

PANDORA Spring 2016 Collection - Charms, pink, purple

Pandora's Spring 2016 collection has new charms and jewelry designed to complement the Pandora you already own. For example, the new heart shaped enamel daisy charm in the photo below is called Poetic Blooms. Poetic Blooms and the matching earrings go perfectly with Pandora's existing enamel daisies.

Tips on Building a Pandora Bracelet


The new Pandora clips are here! Thinner, more sparkly and with a silicone insert, these clips go on all Pandora bracelets. But they are especially made for the new Pandora bracelets that do not have the threaded stations. The new Pandora bracelets are identical to the classic Pandora bracelets, with the exception of the threaded stations. Watch for plenty more new Pandora clips to come out in the future. The new clips are the middle line of photos, below.

More about Pandora Bracelets

PANDORA_Spring_2016_Collection Flowers

Can you say Pandora Chic? We love this new, more sopisticated Pandora look! Look below for jewelry from the new Pandora Spring 2016 collection.



Everyone's been asking for more Tinker Bell! Here Disney's Tinker Bell is inside a sparkly star. The back side reads 'Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust.' There's a new Mickey Mouse bracelet and Disney's Ariel sits inside of a sea shell. Shop the Pandora Disney collection at Fox Fine Jewelry.


Hurry! Get your Free Pandora Bracelet, a $65 Value, with any $100 Pandora purchase. Offer good March 31 through April 3, 2016