Ideal Cut Diamonds that display Hearts and Arrows

Posted on Sunday, September 7th, 2014 at 1:12 pm by Debbie Fox

Two diamonds with the same shape, size, color and clarity, but they have vastly different prices. Why?
Diamonds are priced differently because of the grading lab, fluorescence and other factors. But a well cut diamond truly brings out its beauty, although it adds a bit to the price.

Ideal Cut Diamonds

Of all of the “C’s,” a diamond’s quality of cutting will have the greatest influence on the look of your diamond. A perfectly cut diamond, often referred to as “Ideal,” reflects back almost all of the light that goes into it. These diamonds are cut to very specific proportions using exacting standards.

Ideal cut diamonds sparkle like no others. They act like a prism, throwing off exceptional amounts of white and colored light. You can see these flashes of light from a distance, even in low light, making them appear bigger than comparably sized diamonds.


A diamond that is cut too shallow or too deep leaks light out of the bottom or sides.
In short, the better the cut, the more the sparkle!

Ideal Cut Diamonds Cost More

Even though Ideal cut diamonds are much more beautiful, they represent a tiny fraction of all diamonds. Why? Because cutting an Ideal cut diamond wastes more of the diamond rough. This gives a smaller diamond than a diamond that is cut to follow the shape of the diamond rough. In fact, the same piece of diamond rough could yield a perfectly cut 1.00 carat diamond, or a poorly cut 1.50 carat diamond!

Ideal cut diamonds are only cut by very skilled and experienced diamond cutters. On average, it takes them an entire day to cut one diamond! Compare this to a cutters output of four common diamonds in a day. That increases to over 50 diamonds cut per day if the diamonds are cut by machine! But machines can’t sense the critical distinctions of each individual diamond. And machines hold the diamond on the girdle, the widest part of the diamond. This creates a diamond with extra weight at its widest part, and makes the diamond less beautiful.

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

Most Ideal cut diamonds, when viewed through a special viewer, display hearts from the bottom side and arrows from the top side. Therefore, they are often referred to as “Hearts and Arrows” diamonds. While the reference to Cupid is clear and wonderful, these diamonds sparkle incredibly. Ask us to see the hearts and arrows on your next visit.

Only a tiny fraction of all diamonds are cut to ideal proportions. Should your next diamond be an Ideal cut diamond or a hearts and arrows diamond? That depends upon you and what you like. Well cut diamonds do cost more. How much more? It depends upon the quality of cut you are comparing it to, and the quality and size of the diamond.

Many diamonds are cut very well, approaching ideal cut and are still very beautiful. We recommend that you purchase a diamond that is as well cut as possible within your budget. We’re happy to show you diamonds of various cuts and discuss pricing to help you make your selection.

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