Mother's Jewelry

Posted on Friday, April 13th, 2018 at 12:31 pm by Debbie

Mother’s Rings and Family Jewelry

Mother’s Rings are precious! They’re usually a mom’s most important piece of jewelry, after her engagement ring. So if your mom doesn’t have a Mother’s Ring, that’s probably a great gift. It’s extra special when siblings go in on the ring together. Then mom gets a ring that represents her kids, given to her by her kids.

What is a Mother’s Ring?

Mother’s Rings, sometimes called Family Rings, are rings with gemstones representing each child’s birth months. Sometimes mom and/or dad, or the grandkid’s birthstones are added in. These rings are colorful!

Typically all of the gemstones are the same size (no favorites here!), but if a mom or dad’s birthstone is added, there is an option to make those larger or even a different shape.

Colored Diamonds replace Birthstones

There’s a problem with Mother’s Rings. With daily wear, some birthstones get scratched or chipped. They become cloudy and dull, and need to be replaced.

But there is a solution – use colored diamonds in Mother’s Rings! There’s a diamond color for just about every birthstone. You get a diamond’s durability, plus nothing matches the look and sparkle of a diamond.

Cost – Good News

In these smaller stone sizes, diamonds aren’t that much more! The cost of the ring depends upon the metal (we recommend gold for durability, but it can be sterling silver), the design, and the number of stones. Custom is a bit more, but then you get exactly what you want.


Who should buy a Mother’s Ring?

It’s a very sentimental gift for grown children to get together to purchase a ring for their mom. But oftentimes a husband will purchase a Mother’s Ring, especially when the children are younger. Are there grandkids? Sometimes the grandkids get together. Does she have a lot of grandkids? A pendant may be a better option to hold all of those gemstones!

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