Natural Yellow Diamonds

Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 2:56 pm by Debbie

Natural yellow diamonds are rare, but how rare? Only one diamond in almost every 10,000 is a yellow diamond!

Some diamonds are enhanced by man to become yellow diamonds, while others are yellow naturally. Enhanced and natural yellow diamonds look different. This post covers natural yellow diamonds.

3 Natural Yellow DiamondsLooking for yellow? Selecting a yellow diamond is different than selecting a white diamond.


Color is the most important characteristic when selecting a natural yellow diamond. The deeper the color, the more rare, and therefore more expensive. Deeper colored yellow diamonds are sometimes called canary diamonds.

A yellow diamond will usually have an undertone that is one of two colors. The first is an orangey color that gives the diamond a warm or golden color. The second is a greenish color that gives the diamond a cool or lemony color. Neither undertone color is more valuable; it is a personal preference.

Fancy Yellow Diamonds


Clarity in a natural yellow diamond is not as important as for a white diamond. This is because clarity inclusions tend to be masked by the yellow color.


Yellow diamonds are cut to maximize their color, while white diamonds  are cut to maximize their brilliance. The most brilliant cut is a round, and therefore most white diamonds are cut in a round shape. But the round shape usually lessens the amount of color in a yellow diamond, so you’ll find fewer of them. Square types of cuts maximize a diamond’s color, so you’ll find a larger percentage of these.


In white diamonds, fluorescence is usually looked upon as a negative (Sometimes fluorescence can be a positive factor in white diamonds and can net you a deal. But fluorescence in yellow diamonds can add to the intensity of the color, giving you a better looking yellow diamond at a better price.


Prices of white diamonds are based upon a larger supply and very active trading,. Yellow diamonds are much rarer, and not able to be compared in the same way. The rule of thumb is the deeper the color, the higher the price. Very yellow natural diamonds, known as vivid yellow diamonds, can fetch prices that greatly exceed prices of white diamonds. On the other hand, light yellow diamonds are less than white diamonds.

Tips to increase a yellow diamond’s color

  1. Set the diamond in yellow gold, choosing a high karat metal such as 18 karat or 22 karat yellow gold. Custom settings give you more options.
  2. Do you like diamonds set in bezels? Setting a yellow diamond in a bezel will increase the intensity of the color.
  3. Contrast the yellow diamond with white or other colored diamonds.

Increasing Yellow Diamond Color