Should I Buy My Diamond Online?

Posted on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 at 9:23 am by Debbie

You’re probably figuring that since Fox Fine Jewelry is an independent jeweler we’re going to tell you why independents are so great and why you shouldn’t buy an internet diamond.

But we’re not. Truth is, there are advantages to both.

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Advantages of Buying a Diamond on the Internet

Most people turn to the internet for diamonds to get a lower price. And many times you can shave a little bit off! Most internet diamond dealers are brokers and don’t stock any diamonds. They have no inventory cost or risk and a lower overhead.

But there are no screaming deals from brokers! They have to stay in business too. Diamonds have such a small margin that prices worldwide are virtually identical, similar to the stock market. Most independent jewelers are competitive with or slightly above the internet – they have to stay in business too!

The best internet opportunities are the ones that require the most discernment. They are diamonds sold by private parties on sites like Craig’s List or EBay. Buying in this manner can be your greatest find at a stunning price, the worst deal or downright dangerous.

The internet is also convenient, can be done at any time and one can easily learn the basics.

Summary: Buying a diamond on the internet is a good choice for someone whose focus is mostly on price and is less focused on comparing and selecting the nicest diamond for their budget.

Advantages of Buying a Diamond from an Independent Jeweler

Buying a diamond from a jeweler is a great choice if you want to be sure you’re getting a beautiful diamond at a good value. The internet certainly has some beautiful diamonds! But jewelers buy from these same dealers, viewing the diamonds in person and selecting the best ones. The left over diamonds are listed on the internet, along with all the other diamonds.

When you purchase your diamond from an independent jeweler you will:
(Fox Fine Jewelry provides all of the following services, but note that some jewelers may not)

  • Have a selection of diamonds brought in for you, selected by a trained expert. At Fox Fine Jewelry, our owner George Fox  is a Certified Gemologist who personally selects all of our diamonds, many from his trips to Antwerp, Belgium. Our diamond dealers are careful to ship us better quality diamonds to preserve our ongoing business relationship.
  • View a selection of loose diamonds side by side, in correct lighting with magnification. You can take the diamonds outside to view them in different lighting. Viewing diamonds in person isn’t comparable to seeing diamonds on a screen.
  • Ask questions and be guided by someone who is trained and experienced. Sales staff at Fox Fine Jewelry are Certified Sales Associates, accredited by the American Gem Society. Assisting and educating people is what we do, every day.
  • View the quality of a diamond’s cut in the ASET, a special viewer that measures the amount of light return. In short, the viewer tells you how much your diamond will sparkle, which is a large part of its beauty and value.
  • Additional services may be offered and will vary by jeweler. For example, at Fox Fine Jewelry we include setting your diamond and insurance for the first year. And we do our best to help you have an enjoyable experience selecting your diamond!

Summary: Buying a diamond from an independent jeweler is a good option for someone who wants to be assisted by someone trained whom they trust. They want to be certain they bought the most beautiful diamond their budget allows, and received a good value.

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