Spring 2015 Pandora Charms: New and Retired

Posted on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 at 5:29 am by Debbie Fox

New Spring Charms and Last Chance at Retired Charms
Pandora has an annual retirement of charms--Pandora calls it their "Garden Cleaning," similar to weeding out the old charms to bring in the new. There's some old favorites being retired like the Zen and flowered enamel charms. Some of the charms they have redone, usually with more sparkles, like the cross and the sleigh. Come take a look, before they're gone!

The new Pandora 2015 Spring Collection is bursting with spring! Look for plenty of cute flowers (think daisies) and butterflys. There's some new cut glass charms that are certainly the start of a new future Pandora collection. Like to cook? There's a new chef's hat and an espresso machine. The new dog is for those of you with larger dogs. The revised owl makes a great gift for teachers, students and lifetime learners. And for the artistically inclined, Pandora's 2015 Spring Collection includes a piano, a darling musical dangle (complete with musical note, guitar and "I love music" heart) and a sparkly toe shoe!

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Pandora Spring 2015 Retired Charms

Pandora Spring Retired Charms - sparkly and enamel

Pandora Spring Retired Charms - Dangles

Pandora Spring Retired Charms - enamel and sparkly

 Pandora 2015 Spring Collection

Pandora Spring 2015 Charms - Flowers

Pandora Spring 2015 Charms - Bangle Bracelet with gold

Pandora Spring 2015 Charms - Bangle Bracelet with Petite Facets Glass
Pandora Spring 2015 Charms - Gold

Pandora Spring 2015 Charms - Flowers in Pink