Tips for starting a bracelet

Posted on Sunday, September 14th, 2014 at 5:24 am by Debbie Fox

Choose a bracelet

Many people opt for the classic Pandora clasp bracelet in sterling silver. Choose the classic Pandora bracelet with the gold clasp for extra style—the clasp looks like a gold charm when the bracelet is filled. Or go all the way for a solid 14k gold bracelet!

Classic Pandora Bracelets in Sterling Silver, with 14k gold clasp, and solid 14k gold

There are also leather bracelets in many styles and colors, and stylish multistrand cotton bracelets.

Starting a bracelet

Some people fill them up at the start, and others build them over time. If you’re a ‘builder,’ the anticipation of your next charm can be exciting. One of the wonderful things about Pandora bracelets is that you can spend any amount you are comfortable with, and get something that you (or she) will love.

Pandora bracelet with orange murano charms and 14k gold charmsStarting your next bracelet

Already have a Pandora bracelet? Or two or three? Here’s where you chose a theme for your next bracelet. With almost 1,000 charms and new charms coming out several times a year, there is a lot of choice!

Build a bracelet around your love for the beach, the forest, butterflies or animals. If you like to travel, pick up icons from around the world, or Pandora’s destination charms (we have them all!). Make a color themed Pandora bracelet to match certain outfits. Choose hearts, princesses, fairies and butterflies, or make a bracelet with all sparkles! Pandora lets you express yourself, exactly how you want.

Gift Ideas

Families, groups of friends or co-workers often decide to go in together to build a bracelet as a gift. Each will buy different Pandora charms, often choosing charms that represent activities, interests, or their relationship together. When all of the gifts are unwrapped, the bracelet tells a special story. It’s a great way to give a meaningful gift from a group of people.

Butterfly Pandora Braceletscolor themed pandora bracelets

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