What graduation gift should you give?

Posted on Saturday, June 4th, 2016 at 12:56 pm by Debbie

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What jewelry you purchase is as personal as your relationship with the graduate, who they are and what they are graduating from.

What are they graduating from?

Few events in a person’s life match the importance of a high school or college graduation. For many, high school graduation represents the most significant step in life. If they attend college, by college graduation they have transitioned from life as their parent’s child to life as an adult. Still, college graduation is also very significant, especially given the current financial challenges for most people.

Your graduation gift should be meaningful and lasting

You’ll want jewelry that feels special to her. This gift should be different or more expensive than you would get for recurring occasions like birthdays and holidays. Give a graduation gift that she wouldn’t normally buy for herself, but would love.

The jewelry should last in terms of durability and style. Your graduate will love jewelry that in a few decades she’ll look at and remember you and your gift - one that she’ll still enjoy wearing.

Necklace, earrings or ring? What style of jewelry?

Diamond stud earrings graduation giftMost people think of an engraved piece of jewelry or pearls for a graduation gift. These are wonderful choices, but these are just the beginning!

Is she embarking upon a professional career? Then consider a graduation gift of a necklace or earrings with more conservative styling. Is she a casual girl with an artistic flair? Then consider beaded jewelry, jewelry with curves or jewelry that is asymmetrical. Not sure? Diamond stud earrings are always an appropriate and appreciated graduation gift.

If you chose a ring for your graduation gift, she’ll be able to look down on it and remember you. But only give a ring if it’s a good quality and durable, because rings get more wear than earrings or necklaces.

Rose gold rubelite ring and pendant

How much should I spend on my graduation gift?

This depends upon how close you are to your graduate and what you are comfortable spending. Generally, an aunt and uncle will spend less, godparents more, and the parents by far the most. But sometimes the most significant gift for the graduate comes from the grandparents. Grandparents gifts are treasured and a grandparent should spend according to their means, while understanding the importance of this special occasion.

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