What is the birthstone for August?

Posted on Sunday, August 19th, 2012 at 4:57 pm by Debbie Fox

Peridot is August’s birthstone. Most peridot today comes from the United States. In Hawaii, peridot spewed forth from their volcanos, although it was mainly small gemstones. There are even beaches on Oahu made up of tiny grains of peridot! But most of the gem quality peridot sold today comes from Arizona on the Native American reservation of San Carlos. This peridot is beautiful in color and is found in up to five carats in size. Prices increase quickly in the larger sizes, although smaller sizes of peridot are very affordable. Other peridot sources include Burma, China and in Pakistan.

August’s birthstone is a transparent lime green color, which matches well with blues and purples like blue topaz and amethyst, and of course diamonds! Peridot is a gemstone that looks beautiful set in either white gold or yellow gold.

Peridot Gemstone Peridot and diamond necklace

Peridot Gemstone Peridot and diamond necklace
Peridot, while suitable for everyday jewelry, is not one of the hardest gemstones. For active people, it might not be the best choice for a center gemstone on an everyday ring, as it probably will get scratched. In this case, you might want to chose a green diamond, or a Tsavorite garnet. But in most other instances, including custom jewelry, August’s birthstone is a beautiful choice for just about any jewelry!