What kind of wedding bands go with halo engagement rings?

Posted on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 at 4:37 am by Debbie Fox

You’re engaged! Congratulations. Now that you have your engagement ring, you want a wedding band to match. What type of matching wedding band you choose depends upon how your halo engagement ring is made.

Two Types of Halo Engagement Rings

Suspended: Your halo has no metal directly below the halo and is supported only on either side

Suspended Halo RingThe center diamond is raised up off of your finger, and both sides of the ring are completely straight. This halo engagement ring design allows straight wedding bands to slide right underneath the center diamond.

This design is a beautiful look, especially from the top view, and even more so when you have a larger center diamond. But notice that this design also limits the style of the engagement ring. Only very simple design details can be added to the sides.

Some brides like this design because they like the flexibility of wearing their wedding band separate from their engagement ring. Usually women like this idea for travelling, or those that wear gloves at work. But our experience is that once they are married, most women almost never wear the wedding band alone! If you are traveling to places where you don’t feel safe, consider purchasing an inexpensive "traveling" ring.

In summary, a halo engagement ring designed for a straight wedding band is a beautiful and flexible look, with less design options.

Supported: Your halo has metal and multiple supports under the halo

The center diamond may or may not be high, but under the halo there is metal, diamonds and/or engraving. When you try to put a straight wedding band up against the ring, it rocks from side to side.

Supported Halo RingThis design offers endless possibilities for the halo engagement ring design. If you want a ring that is a bit more creative and unique, then consider this design.

A straight wedding band will not fit snuggly up against this engagement ring. Some women like the look of a straight wedding band and the air space it creates against the halo. If you do, go for it! There are no rules anymore. But there is a downside, and that is that the two rings will wear each other out. You can either plan for rebuilding those worn areas down the road or have the rings soldered together. If you are choosing between white gold and platinum, note that platinum rings will last infinitely longer than white gold when rubbing together. To find out about this, see the difference between platinum and white gold.

Most women prefer one or two wedding bands that fit snuggly up to their halo engagement ring and one that is similar in diamond size, shape and setting style.

Two Wedding Bands with Halo

Wedding Band Options

The most common type of wedding band is the ‘wrap around.’ The wrap around is almost always purchased with the engagement ring or custom made. Occasionally brides will get lucky and find one that fits! But most often having one custom made is the best choice for a ring that you’ll look at and wear for the rest of your life. At Fox Fine Jewelry, our custom wedding bands are a bit more than ones made overseas, but still very affordable. And, you’ll have a custom wedding band made just for you!

A few halo engagement rings can have a ‘slip under’ wedding band. This allows you to have the look of a straight wedding band. Some halo engagement rings are designed for a slip under band, and others can be adapted to accommodate one. This is difficult to determine on your own, but upon inspection of your engagement ring we can advise you.

Wedding Band Options

Another option is to make a ‘guard.’ A guard for a halo engagement ring frames the ring on both sides, and is similar to getting two separate wedding bands. A guard either comes with the engagement ring or needs to be custom made. It is rare that a bride can find a guard to fit her halo engagement ring.

Guards are an excellent option if purchased as a set with your engagement ring. But if not, there isn’t really an advantage to having a guard instead of two wedding bands. Guards need two connecting bars on the back side of the guard, and some people prefer the look and feel without the bars.

Guards that are not soldered to the engagement ring will still move slightly, similar to wedding bands. Both guards and wedding bands that are not soldered to your engagement ring will wear down your set over time.

Fox Fine Jewelry specializes in custom wedding bands, using your diamonds and metal if desired. We work with you on the design, and then take an exact impression of your halo engagement ring, to give an exact fit. This is important because if the two rings don't fit right up against each other, tiny gaps of air will appear dark or black next to the brilliance of your ring.

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