Diamond Buying Tips

Diamonds are often purchased online because people believe the prices are lower. But our prices are similar or just slightly higher! And you get a whole lot more.


Why you should buy your diamond at Fox Fine Jewelry


  • Our prices are competitive. Period.
  • Confused about diamond reports? You should be. We show you which labs are "stretching the truth" to make it look like you are getting a lower price, even when you aren't.
  • Wonder why online lists of diamonds with the same grading vary so much in price? It's because they aren't the same! Diamond industry experts price them differently for a reason. We show you why.
  • Work directly with an experienced diamond professional. Virtually no online personnel have gemological training. 
  • See diamonds under magnification, with correct lighting and laboratory equipment.
  • Compare diamonds side by side. Now you'll see the differences between diamonds with similar grading reports and get to choose for yourself!


FREE at Fox Fine Jewelry

Buy your diamond at Fox, and we’ll

  • Set your diamond for free
  • Insure your diamond for free for the first year, with zero deductible. This even includes losing the diamond!
  • Give you diamond upgrades in the future
  • Make sure that you get an excellent value and a beautiful diamond, because diamonds are our expertise!

This is one of the more significant jewelry purchases you’ll make, if not the most. Let us make the buying experience a good value and a beautiful part of the event.

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