Diamond & Gem Cutting

Diamonds may be the hardest substance on earth, but they can chip or crack. Once a diamond is chipped or cracked it is at risk of further damage, similar to a ding in a windshield that is left untreated. Damaged diamonds should be recut for safety and beauty.  

Diamond cutting before and after picture

The ‘before’ picture is an old miners or European cut diamond with a large chip on the left side.
The ‘after’ picture is a perfectly cut diamond with maximum brilliance.

Most diamonds are originally cut to yield a bigger gem, instead of a beautiful diamond that sparkles. Reshaping your diamond often gives a surprising increase in its brilliance.

Gemstone Cutting and Polishing Services

  • Polishing scratched gems. Gems will be removed from the jewelry before polishing, and then reset
  • Replacing missing gems, including inlaid gems such as opal, onyx and many others
  • Recutting chipped or cracked gems
  • Cutting gems from rough material to your specifications

For sparkling and shiny diamonds and gems, come to Fox Fine Jewelry!

Before: Large chip branches out from the upper left corner.
After: Recutting the diamond eliminates the chip with minimal diamond weight loss.


Before: Worn, cracked prongs endanger the safety of the diamond. 
After: New crown and prongs securely hold the recut diamond.