Art Show: "Flower Power" by Adonna Ebrahimi and Karen Payton

Show Duration

March 14 - May 12, 2019


Artist Reception

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Adonna Ebrahimi

From the moment she studied art in high school, Adonna Ebrahimi knew art was the path for her. She spent 16 years after graduation working for small, family-owned advertising and marketing agencies throughout Kentucky and New Jersey. Later she moved to the west coast where she raised her children. Now that they’re older, Adonna has jumped back into the world of art. She is now a published artist, with her work featured in Brush magazine.

Primarily working in acrylic and incorporating other mixed media, Adonna creates bright, colorful compositions of flowers atop abstract backgrounds. The brushstrokes and colors convey tremendous movement and energy, in a way that is almost chaotic but also somehow serene. Acrylic is challenging because the paint dries much more quickly than oil paints, yet it suits Adonna's style so well in providing lots of texture and layering to her work.

To see more of Adonna's work, visit her website here.


Karen Payton

Karen Payton attended her first Grateful Dead concert in the late ’80s, where the tie-dyes, textiles, and flowing fabrics filled her soul as much as the music. She fell in love with doing embroidery, and applied this to her art.

Instead of brushstrokes, Karen uses needle and thread to paint her canvas with textiles. With different colors of thread blending together, Karen is able to create beautifully nuanced pieces that might actually look like paintings from far away. But get a little closer and you can see the zigzag lines of stitching and textured surface of hand-dyed fabrics.

She started out making small embroidered works, but galleries turned her down due to the small size. So she played with adding fabric and machine stitching and scaled up, forming a process that took many years to become what it is today.

To see more of Karen's work, visit her website here.