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Cynthia Jewell

January 20, 2019

My new husband and I absolutely love the Fox Jeweler. Sandy has been so amazing throughout our entire journey. She sold my fiancé my engagement ring, and then had my wedding band custom made with the family diamonds and had it molded to my engagement ring, and I also had my husbands wedding band made and ordered custom with engraving from them as well. We both love our rings, love the experience there, and absolutely love the staff there. Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I only trust the Fox and only recommend them to all our friends. We will never go anywhere else, mainly because of Sandy and the owners who are so trustworthy and awesome.

Bree Beltran

November 28, 2018

Jewelry is beautiful! I was sad to learn that much of it is not what it seems. Lots of sterling silver that is gold plated. A few of the pieces I looked at were made with cubic zirconia and not diamonds. I was lead to believe that sizing was included in my ring purchase. I had informed the sales woman that I would be sizing down. When I settled on a piece I was informed that I would have to pay for the sizing, which began at $74. I was sad to have wasted my time. Nice jewelry, but be aware of what you are buying. I would recommend another small shop on Main. I looked throughout the store and was unable to distinguish between a silver and a gold area. All of the pieces I was interested in were silver with gold plating despite the varying price points. I was also informed that when sized, the ring would not be re-plated, this would mean that the back of the ring would have the silver portion exposed. Again, if I wanted that covered there would be an additional price. These mounting costs exceeded the value of the ring.

M. Tracy Layton

November 7, 2018

I am so thrilled with the custom Buddha pendant that I had made at Fox Fine Jewelry! George listened very carefully to all my design ideas and helped me stay within my budget to create a beautiful, diamond and platinum, one of a kind pendant that is more than just a piece of jewelry for me. All of the staff is wonderful, especially Madison who was up front at the counter, continually smiling, relaxed, patient and helpful with all my questions before my final delivery which was right on time. You will be more than pleased with the beautiful designs, service and expertise that you receive at Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura. I highly recommend them to you!

Eric Paczkowski

September 1, 2018

My wife lost her wedding ring a few years ago. It was her grandmothers and a period ring from the 30's, an Art Deco design with hard to find cut stones, she was heartbroken with the loss. I went to see George Fox of Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura, CA. He had helped me alter her grandmother's ring for my wife's wedding ring 14 years earlier. George had decent photographs of the now lost ring and said he could come close to making it like the original. Because of the quality and design of the original ring it was not going to be easy or cheap ( platinum, period cut diamonds and hand engraving ). George located the period stones which took a little probing of his contacts. He designed the ring via CAD computer design software, 3-D printed the ring and cast the mold. George poured the platinum, did all the setting of the hand picked stones and the "Fire Mark" IF grade main stone, and the detailed hand engraving. When I went to pick up the finished ring I was blown away! To say it was incredibly beautiful and "spot on" as the original is an understatement ( I teared up ), it was truly a "master piece of art" and much better than the original. George Fox prides himself on quality workmanship, and his passion for custom designed jewelry. Sure, Fox Fine Jewelry sells items priced for every budget. But if you are thinking of getting a one off, custom designed ring, see George Fox. If there is a level for jewelers like there is in the painting world called "The Masters" George Fox is number one.

Hugh Pickrel

November 13, 2018

I had a delightful time today shopping in the store! I had no intention to shop, but my wife explained to me the "error of my thinking," so we shopped. It was nice and easy, and the employees proved to be good company! We will be back for more, I am sure!

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Barry F.


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Doug B.


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