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Stella Quintana

January 22, 2019

This is a family business. The service was great. I brought in a few pieces of jewelry that needed some changes. I had a ring where the stone was too big and they changed it into a pendant. They took their time with me and were very respectful. I was impressed by their follow up. I very rarely go into jewelry stores but I surely recommend Fox Jewelers.

Cynthia Jewell

January 20, 2019

My new husband and I absolutely love the Fox Jeweler. Sandy has been so amazing throughout our entire journey. She sold my fiancé my engagement ring, and then had my wedding band custom made with the family diamonds and had it molded to my engagement ring, and I also had my husbands wedding band made and ordered custom with engraving from them as well. We both love our rings, love the experience there, and absolutely love the staff there. Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I only trust the Fox and only recommend them to all our friends. We will never go anywhere else, mainly because of Sandy and the owners who are so trustworthy and awesome.

Niranjana Bhattacharjee

February 8, 2019

If I could give them more than 5 stars I would! I had some earrings repaired (very old and fragile). They did a great job but because the earrings were fragile, some other issues appeared shortly after I picked them up. I was upset and thought the repairers were responsible, and I took them back in. George was very kind and understanding, and explained the material and design were delicate. He negotiated repair costs down to fix the secondary issue. Fox repaired the earrings again (and did an amazing job!) When I went in to pick them up, I was very happy with them and wanted to pay the full amount, but they refused. They are honest, reliable, and a class act. I will definitely be back.

Nobody Noname

March 12, 2019

George and his team are awesome. They are very friendly, helpful, honest and for sure deserve their title as “Coolest Jeweler” in the nation in 2015. Thanks a lot for a great experience ... :)

Bree Beltran

November 28, 2018

Jewelry is beautiful! I was sad to learn that much of it is not what it seems. Lots of sterling silver that is gold plated. A few of the pieces I looked at were made with cubic zirconia and not diamonds. I was lead to believe that sizing was included in my ring purchase. I had informed the sales woman that I would be sizing down. When I settled on a piece I was informed that I would have to pay for the sizing, which began at $74. I was sad to have wasted my time. Nice jewelry, but be aware of what you are buying. I would recommend another small shop on Main. I looked throughout the store and was unable to distinguish between a silver and a gold area. All of the pieces I was interested in were silver with gold plating despite the varying price points. I was also informed that when sized, the ring would not be re-plated, this would mean that the back of the ring would have the silver portion exposed. Again, if I wanted that covered there would be an additional price. These mounting costs exceeded the value of the ring.

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Anne K.


I wanted to get my daughter something special for her 40th birthday, but my budget was limited & not really in the "special" range. I thought I'd try Fox...READ MORE

Caroline C.


My boyfriend's grandma has a necklace she wears daily, and when the chain broke, I recommended she take it here to get it repaired. The pressure was high...READ MORE