At Fox Fine Jewelry, we’re experts in vintage and antique jewelry repairs. All work is done on-premises, and your jewelry is photographed, described, and insured while at Fox Fine Jewelry.

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Antique ring restored before and after

Skills and expertise

We often repair antique jewelry that other jewelers say can’t be repaired, usually because they don’t have the training, experience, and equipment. There are very few highly skilled jewelers.

Our detailed repair work can usually undo past damage, including prior subpar repairs, restoring your vintage jewelry to its original, beautiful

Who you trust to restore your antique jewelry is important! We will take the utmost care of your jewelry.

Antique sapphire ring that was extremely worn with the sapphire scratched, with the after as the sapphire polished and ring rebuilt

Antique Restoration Services

Some of our services include:

  • Stone replacement
  • Rebuilding prongs, settings, and supporting galleries
  • Rebuilding bent or crushed old jewelry
  • Polishing and recutting worn gems
  • Hand engraving
  • Milgrain (beading)


"I shipped my 1920s diamond ring that was missing a stone across the country to Fox Fine Jewelry after seeing their incredible repair and restoration work on antiques. Customer service start to finish was absolute perfection. They seriously went above and beyond to restore my piece and it looks better than ever. Thank you team Fox!"

Gabby Bellini, Google, March 2023

Antique garnet ring with pearls missing, engraving worn, and shank broken, next to the after of the ring restored.

Metals We Work With

Many vintage pieces are made in platinum. Platinum repairs require specialized equipment and training, and years of practice. We’re platinum experts and have been working in platinum since 1990. We also repair gold and sterling silver jewelry. 

If your antique jewelry is sterling silver or costume, we recommend repairing it when the sentimental value is very high. This is because the cost of the repair typically exceeds the intrinsic value of the jewelry. 

Antique ring remade before and after

Replicating Antique Jewelry

Sometimes a piece of jewelry is so worn that the base simply won’t support the additional metal. It’s like adding additional stories on a building without an adequate foundation. In those cases, we recommend that we recreate your ring, using your diamonds and gemstones.

Learn about Antique Recreations
Antique ring repurposed into a necklace before and after

Repurposing Antique Jewelry

You may have antique jewelry, but you don’t love the style or wear it often. Rather than restoring the piece, you may want to use the diamonds and gemstones to create jewelry that you’ll wear and love. Learn about Fox Fine Jewelry’s custom design process.

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