Quality craftsmanship that lasts. It’s good for you and our earth.

Fox Fine Jewelry is a small, family run business. Your jewelry consultant will be certified in jewelry and gemology. Our repairs and custom work are done on premises - we don’t outsource.

Nugget of gold

Recycled Gold

One hundred percent of our jewelry production and repairs utilize recycled metal.

We refine our gold, platinum, and silver to their pure state, and then blend our own alloy. These clean, pure metals give a better result and have virtually no environmental impact!

Various gems

Recycled Diamonds and Gems

We offer recycled diamonds for sustainability. We stock just about every size and shape.

Recycled gemstones are available whenever possible. We only supply gemstones in excellent condition, without any signs of wear.

We’d love to use recycled diamonds and gemstones for you - just ask!

"We believe in a strong, just, and sustainable future."