Custom engagement rings are our expertise!

Your engagement ring or wedding band is usually your most important piece of jewelry. It should match your unique style and personality.

Our jewelry design consultants assist you in discovering the ring design you love, that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

Three rings made by combining the styles of two other rings

Combine your favorites

When you’re engagement ring shopping, there are a lot of options. Maybe you’ve narrowed it down to your top favorites, but you like aspects of each of them! At Fox Fine Jewelry we take your favorite parts of each ring and combine them into your perfect ring.

For example, we can take the top design of one ring and merge it with the band design of another and create exactly what you want!

Five custom made rings

Tell your story

Your engagement ring is a wonderful way to showcase your relationship. Maybe you want a matched set for the two of you? A custom ring can represent the joining of your cultures, the place you met, or the flowers you gave on your first date - the possibilities are endless. We can even set your inherited diamonds.

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"Could not have been more pleased with our experience with Fox Fine Jewelry. They offer customization options, have a very wide selection of jewelry, and are unbelievably kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend making your next purchase from Fox!"

Scott Hamlet, Google, March 2023

Five custom made rings with colored stones

Add some color

Are readymade styles a little too conventional?

Rubies, sapphires, salt & pepper and colored diamonds, and other gemstones are a great way to show your individuality!

We stock a wide variety of alternative center stones!

Two custom made rings and their referenced rings

Make it yours

You know what you want, and you’ve found something that’s almost perfect. Here at Fox Fine Jewelry, we don’t think you should settle for “almost.”

It might be as simple as making the ring a little wider, or scaling up a design. Or maybe you found a beautiful wedding band, and you’d like us to modify the design to add a center diamond! Whatever your design, we’ll create the ring that’s exactly what you want.

Original rings with their sturdier replicas

Made to last

Do you have a ring you love, but the quality is lacking? It may be an antique, a costume ring, a photo of a lost ring, or a ring that simply wasn’t well made.

We can replicate your ring so that it’s durable and will last a lifetime. If there are diamonds, we can even use your diamonds in the replica!

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Wedding Bands that Fit Perfectly

Still searching for the wedding band that fits perfectly?

The sides of engagement rings are often not flat, so almost all wedding bands won’t fit snuggly. Instead they rock from side to side. This doesn’t look very good, and wears away the prongs that secure your diamonds!

At Fox Fine Jewelry, we’ll custom make a wedding band that's a perfect fit for your engagement ring!

Interested in starting a custom design?

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