We believe that purchasing your diamond should be a joyous experience. Your diamond’s history should be ethical, fair, and responsible.

Every Fox Fine Jewelry diamond adheres to the Kimberley Process.

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What is the Kimberley Process?

The Kimberley Process is an agreement that diamonds will not cross a country’s border without being certified as conflict free. 

The Kimberley Process has brought tremendous results:

  • An estimated 999 out of 1,000 diamonds today are conflict free.
  • Participants represent eighty-five countries.
  • Increased stability in countries with rebel movements. 


"Extremely helpful, accommodating, and kind. I had no real knowledge of rings or jewels. Fox Fine Jewelry walked me through all aspects of the ring and the diamond so I knew what I was buying. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in the market for engagement rings, wedding rings, or diamonds."

Delan Hamasoor, Google, December 2022

Pre-Owned Diamonds

For a completely sustainable option, Fox Fine Jewelry carries pre-owned diamonds.

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  • Lab grown diamond side view

    Lab Grown Diamonds

    Lab grown diamonds are diamonds, just grown in machines instead of forming in the earth. The cost is significantly lower too, although prices are continuing to drop and there's no guarantee of future value.

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  • Moissanite side view


    Moissanites are a man-made gem with 30% more sparkle than a diamond. They're also almost as hard as diamond (9.5 versus 10 on the Mohs scale). To see moissanites in person, contact us.

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  • Sapphires and lab grown sapphires shown in all colors of the rainbow in different shapes and sizes.

    Colored Gemstones

     Colored Gemstones are a great alternative! For a ring worn daily, like an engagement ring, consider gemstones that are harder and more durable, like sapphire, which comes in every color of the rainbow!

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