If you have a worn antique or vintage ring, we can remake it.

We’ll use your diamonds and gemstones, or supply period appropriate ones. Recreate it exactly, or make changes, and wear your ring for decades more!

Recreations begin at $1,500.

Can my ring be repaired instead of replicated?

Many rings can be repaired instead of replicated! If you’re local to Ventura, CA, please stop in.

If we’re working remotely, send us photos, and we'll give you repair or recreation estimates.

Antique Jewelry Repairs
An original eduardian ruby and pearl ring with worn metal and damaged and missing stones, next to a new replica using green sapphires instead of rubies.

Vintage Ring Recreation

Some rings have been so well-loved that the supporting structure is too weak to build upon. In these instances, we suggest an exact replica, so it will last for the next generation. 

If your vintage ring is damaged, contact us and send photos. We’ll answer your questions and give you an estimate.

Antique remade ring before and after

How Ring Replica Works

The first step is to send us photos of your jewelry, or stop in if you’re local.

Our design consultants will review your photos to determine if we can restore your antique jewelry, or if it needs to be recreated. The consultation is free, and we’ll provide you with a quote estimate.

If we are recreating, we’ll use your diamonds and gemstones, and supply any that are missing. Our custom process  is done in-house in our Ventura, CA workshop.

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You Can Change the Metal or Design

When we remake your ring, you can choose an exact replica, or change certain elements.

If you’ve inherited jewelry and wish any detail was different, this is the perfect time to make that change!

This could be simply changing the metal, like from yellow to white gold. Or from white gold to platinum.

Or maybe you want small design changes. For example, a different center diamond, or adding accent diamonds or engraving. Our design consultants will help you consider the possibilities!

For ring inspiration, check out our custom jewelry gallery.

How Much Does Antique Recreation Cost?

Antique replicas begin at $1,500, and go up from there. Some cost factors include the number of stones, the weight of the metal and finishes, like hand engraving.

Once we've reviewed your project, we'll give you a quote. For general guidance, see below.

Ring Recreation Costs 

General Guidelines

Pendant recreations may be less.

Number of Stones Starting Cost
1 $1,600+
2-5 $1,700+
5+ $2,000+

Let's Get Started!

Interested in learning more or starting a project? We'd love to bring your jewelry back to its original brilliance! We work with antiques on a daily basis, and we know how special and sentimental heirloom jewelry is. Thank you for trusting us to make your special piece beautiful again.