Diamond basics are described by the 4 C’s, but that only begins to determine their value and beauty. That's why every Fox Fine Jewelry diamond is personally selected by a GIA Gemologist.

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Diamond shape

The shape of a diamond, like a round or an oval, is called the cut. This is different from a diamond’s cut grade.

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamond


    This is the most popular shape, and for good reason! A well cut round diamond sparkles more than any other shape.

  • Oval Cut Diamond


    This softly curved shape works well with most ring designs. Elongated shapes can accentuate finger length.

  • Princess Cut Diamond

    Princess Cut

    A bold, strong look. This shape looks best with classic designs, or modern designs with straight lines.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond


    The outline of a cushion is similar to a square with rounded corners, like a couch cushion. This shape goes with just about any ring style.

  • Emerald Cut Diamond

    Emerald Cut

    An emerald cut outline is a rectangle with cut corners. The cut is a “step cut,” which appears quite different than others. The cuts “step down,” like a classic emerald gemstone.

  • Marquise Cut Diamond


    This longer shape tapers to two tips and gives the appearance of a larger size. A classic shape.

Round diamonds ranging from 2 carat to 0.5 carat on a hand

Diamond carat weight

The word carat comes from the word carob, a Mediterranean seed. The greater the carat weight, the rarer and more valuable the diamond. Five metric carats weigh 1 gram.

Two “fancy shape” diamonds (any diamond that isn’t round) with the same carat weight can look like two very different sizes! This is due to how they are cut. For example, if a diamond has a deep cut, it will appear smaller (and be less lively) than a diamond cut with better proportions.

Diamonds are also measured in millimeters. Since fancy shape cutting gives such a variation in how big they look, it can be helpful to determine the millimeter dimensions you want.

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Table of the different diamond color grades D through Z

Diamond color

Color is one of the more noticeable diamond attributes, and has a large impact on diamond pricing. Diamonds range from colorless to light yellow or brown. While rare, they also occur in a spectrum of fancy colors - yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, and even red.

At Fox Fine Jewelry we find that most people prefer diamond colors from D through J in white gold or platinum settings.

Yellow gold settings can make a diamond appear brighter. That gives you the option to select a warmer colored diamond, getting a larger diamond for your budget!

Table of the different diamond clarity gradings FL through I3

Diamond clarity

Diamonds are mostly carbon. When they are formed, other elements become trapped inside, giving each diamond its own unique fingerprint. These elements, called inclusions, help identify the clarity grade.

Some diamond grading labs are “generous” in their grading. But with an accurately graded diamond, the human eye needs magnification to distinguish between a Si1 and a FL diamond. In many instances, this is true even for a Si2.

Inclusions are visible without magnification in I1 to I3 diamonds. There’s a wide variation in I1’s, and many are very beautiful!

Loose Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Side View

Diamond Cut

Cut is what releases a diamond’s sparkle and beauty. A diamond can have the highest color and clarity, but if it isn’t cut well, it will look dark and lifeless.

Fancy shape diamonds (any shape other than round) do not have a cut grade rating. When comparing fancy shaped diamonds, the proportions and amount of sparkle varies greatly. It’s often hard to find a well cut, beautiful fancy shaped diamond. Many simply don’t sparkle.

At Fox Fine Jewelry, we believe cut is one of the most important factors in selecting your diamond. Our Certified Gemologists look carefully to select the brightest, well cut diamonds to give you a good value. 


"You create your own ring from the setting to the diamond. They will go to the moon and back for you to find the ring that fits your budget. I was about to purchase a ring from a franchise retailer, and for the same price I was able to get a solid rose gold setting and a 1 carat diamond that I personally chose. Fox cannot be beat."

Fernando Franco, Google, March 2022