How to get the best price for your gold and diamonds

If you want immediate payment, then selling to a jeweler is usually the best option. At Fox Fine Jewelry, offers are free and purchases are made on the spot. No appointment needed.

If you’re not in a hurry to sell and are willing to put in the effort, there are other options.

Fox Fine Jewelry buys jewelry in person only.

If you are not local to our store in Ventura, CA, please visit your local jeweler.

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Selling diamonds and gemstones

We pay more than other buyers for larger, quality natural diamonds and gemstones because we offer recycled options in our custom jewelry. Gemstones we purchase include sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite, alexandrite, and opal, among others.

Some gemstones don’t carry much (or any) resale value. We’ll often add your gemstone weight to your gold weight, and pay you based on the total weight (gold plus gemstones).  Some common gemstones in this category are amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, peridot, and red garnets, among others.

Items we purchase:

  • natural diamonds
  • gold, platinum, and silver jewelry
  • dental gold
  • sterling silver silverware (not plated)
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How to sell gold

Free Offers, Immediate Payment

You don't need an appraisal or appointment, although appointments are recommended if you have a large quantity of items.

We pay a premium for jewelry that is a current style and in excellent condition. Otherwise, we purchase jewelry based on the intrinsic value of the metal and gems.

Payment is by check. An I.D. is required and all sales are final.

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Get a 30% Bonus!

You have a choice: take the payment or receive a 30% bonus for store credit. Your store credit may be used for any jewelry purchases, repairs or custom designed jewelry at Fox Fine Jewelry.

For example, if you have $1,000 of gold to sell, you can choose to have $1,300 store credit!

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Kaitlin O., Yelp, April 2021

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Do I need an appraisal?

In nearly all cases when selling jewelry, the cost of an appraisal exceeds the benefit you get from it. However, if you have a very expensive item that you plan to sell on the private market, you may get a higher price if you have a written appraisal.

A verbal consultation can also be helpful when you have jewelry or stones that you think might be valuable, but you’re not sure. 

Learn more about written appraisals and  verbal consultations.

Fox Fine Jewelry buys jewelry in person only.

If you are not local to our store in Ventura, CA, please visit your local jeweler.