What to know before buying your diamond

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Where you purchase your diamond matters

Diamond pricing has become very competitive. Look to these factors when determining where to buy your diamond.

  • Are they reputable and trustworthy?
  • Are they certified in gemology?
  • Do they show you the differences between diamonds?
  • Do they show you diamonds in different lighting?
  • Do they offer a diamond upgrade?
  • Will they service your jewelry for years to come?

At Fox Fine Jewelry, we provide all of this, and much more!

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Comparison of two diamonds of same color, clarity and cut

It's not all about the report

Diamond reports can be confusing, and some are intentionally misleading! We show you which labs "stretch the truth" so you think you’re getting a lower price, when in fact you aren't.

Even reports from the more reputable labs should only be used as an indicator.

For example, there are often large variations in “excellent” cut diamonds, including diamonds with the same color or clarity grade. Colors can have tints to them. These factors significantly impact a diamond’s beauty, but can’t be determined from a report.

That’s why every Fox Fine Jewelry diamond is hand selected by a GIA Graduate Gemologist. We stock truly spectacular diamonds, beyond the reports.

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Price variations

Pull up an online list of diamonds with the exact same weight and quality. You’ll see an enormous price range. Why?

It’s because they aren't the same! As discussed above, reports only measure a portion of a diamond’s beauty.

At Fox Fine Jewelry, we show you the differences between diamonds, side-by-side, so you can choose.

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Price is important

In today’s online world, pricing has become very competitive. This gives you extremely similar prices from all sellers for the same diamond.

Some of the poorest diamonds masquerade themselves with “good” diamond reports. They are usually the cheapest, based on size and quality. Low prices can be misleading!

Choose your seller first. If they check the boxes listed above, in our experience you’ll get a great price.

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"Recently purchased my fiancés engagement ring here and they did an amazing job! This was not the only jeweler we considered. Customer service, value, and final product were on point."

Cody Madaus, Google, March 2023

Why you should buy your diamond from Fox Fine Jewelry

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    At Fox Fine Jewelry you’ll get competitive pricing, and work with a certified, experienced diamond professional. Every diamond has been hand selected by a GIA Certified Gemologist for beauty and value.

    In contrast, most online personnel have no gemology training, and usually don't even see the diamonds they are selling!

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    Free Values

    Free with your diamond ring purchase:

    • Free insurance for a year. No questions, no deductible
    • Free ring exchange
    • Free trade up for natural diamonds
    • Free diamond setting and ring sizing
    • Free lifetime warranty

    Plus you'll work directly with friendly, certified experts!

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    Commitment to You

    Rated Five Stars on Google, Yelp, and more, Fox Fine Jewelry is a family-owned independent business with a commitment to quality and fair pricing. We’re owned by a GIA Gemologist and Master Jeweler, who's been crafting jewelry since he was a teen.

    Fox Fine Jewelry is here for all your jewelry needs not just for this purchase, but for your lifetime!

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