Meet the Fox Fine Jewelry Team

We’re dedicated to jewelry excellence and ethics.

  • George Fox
    George and Debbie Fox in a forest

    George Fox

    GIA G.G. & AGS C.G.A.

    Owner, Master Jeweler


    George began making jewelry when he was just 16. He’s relentless at learning new techniques and technologies. One of the top US jewelers, he creates and restores jewelry for people across the country. 

    Favorite Gem: Any excellent cut gem
  • Debbie Fox
    Debbie Fox doing yoga in Nevada

    Debbie Fox

    C.P.A., BS in Business

    Owner, Business Manager


    CPA, manager, marketer, community activist, and philanthropist. Dancer, yogi, and artist. What doesn’t Debbie do?

    Favorite Gem: Mint Merelani Garnet
  • Karen Fox
    Karen Fox holding a large diamond cut out

    Karen Fox

    BA in Design, GIA AJP

    CAD Designer, Workshop Manager


    Meet the second generation! Karen grew up with jewelry, loves art, and creating new designs. She handles our custom design department and manages our workshop.

    Favorite Gem: Opal
  • Charlotte Fox
    Charlotte Fox doing goat yoga

    Charlotte Fox

    Bookkeeper, E-commerce, Merchandising


    Charlotte enjoys math and sewing. She’s pragmatic and exact, perfect for handling data. Yet she’s also creative - check out our fabulous window displays! 

    Favorite Gem: London Blue Topaz
  • Mathis Wycoff
    Mathis Wycoff with their dog Bowie

    Mathis Wycoff

    GIA Applied Jewelry Professional

    Jewelry Consultant, Diamond Buyer


    An artist at heart, Mathis is an incredibly talented designer and artist. They love helping with custom jewelry design, and have a particular passion for anything art nouveau. 

    Favorite Gem: Bicolor Sapphire
  • Adrianna Hernandez
    Adrianna Hernandez with her dog

    Adrianna Hernandez

    AGS Certified Sales Associate

    Jewelry Consultant


    Adrianna’s a passionate listener with an innate sense of style, buoyed by her extensive background in retail clothing and jewelry. In her free time she takes long walks with her two big dogs.

    Favorite Gem: Emerald
  • Jen Reed
    Jen Reed posing with her home made cake

    Jen Reed

    AGS Certified Sales Associate

    Jewelry Consultant, Jewelry Buyer


    Jen’s a Ventura native and mom whose hobby is discovering new jewelry styles! She knows jewelry styles and has a knack for helping you find your perfect piece.

    Favorite Gem: Diamond
  • Amberle Van Den Broeke
    Amberle Van Den Broeke on a beach

    Amberle Van Den Broeke

    AGS Certified Sales Associate

    Jewelry Consultant


    Amberle is an animal lover and a dedicated gardener. She’s detailed and artistic, and is excellent at helping with repairs and new creations!

    Favorite Gem: Red Spinel
  • Sandy Brigham
    Sandy Brigham with Norman Kirk holding his art piece

    Sandy Brigham

    AGS Certified Sales Associate

    Jewelry Consultant, Stringer


    With a flair for the vintage, Sandy once owned an antique shop, and has decades of jewelry and repair experience. She's a pearl and bead stringer extraordinaire, including antique pearl jewelry refurbishments.

    Favorite Gem: Turquoise
  • Angela Goliber
    Angela Goliber with her family holding another picture of her and her family

    Angela Goliber

    Office Manager


    From New York, Angela loves to bake and bring everyone goodies. She’s highly organized, managing the many behind-the-scenes details of Fox Fine Jewelry. When you call, you’ll often have the pleasure to talk to Angela!

    Favorite Gem: Amethyst
  • Morgan Wycoff
    Morgan Wycoff with her cat Luna

    Morgan Wycoff

    Inventory Manager, IT Manager


    Morgan grew up around technology and loves it! She's key in many Fox Fine Jewelry functions, including IT, website, inventory, photography, and more.

    Favorite Gem: Tanzanite
  • Niki Fox
    Niki Fox on a trail with her dog Oso

    Niki Fox

    GIA G.G. & AGS C.G.



    Like her dad George, Niki is a gem lover! She's GIA and AGS certified. She does Fox Fine Jewelry's written appraisals and verbal consultations.

    Favorite Gem: Tourmaline
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"Everyone there is super helpful, professional, and courteous! It's such a breath of fresh air. We will definitely continue to do business with Fox Jewelers!!!

Kevin Raabe, Google, March 2023