If there’s a manufacturing defect, we’ll repair or replace it at no charge.

Fox Fine Jewelry is committed to providing you with jewelry of excellent quality, free of manufacturing defects.

Manufacturing defects

All of our jewelry goes through a stringent quality control process, so it’s rare that a Fox Fine Jewelry item has a manufacturing defect. Examples of manufacturing defects include pits or cracks in the metal, or incomplete solder joints. It’s difficult for clients to determine a manufacturing defect, but if there is one, it will nearly always surface within the first few months of wear.

Manufacturing defects are fully covered under Fox Fine Jewelry's warranty.

Normal wear and tear

The most common jewelry damage, by far, is from wear and tear. Jewelry can be damaged by activities such as exercising, cleaning, lifting heavy items and exposure to harsh chemicals. Common examples include:

  • Lost diamonds due to lifted, broken, or worn prongs, or rings were twisted (especially common with thin bands with small diamonds).
  • Discoloration from exposure to chemicals, makeup, pools or hot tubs.
  • Misshaped rings from heavy lifting, impact, or years of wear.
  • Bent or smashed jewelry, including broken or scratched stones.

Normal wear and tear is not covered under Fox Fine Jewelry's warranty. We recommend jewelry insurance.

Niki Fox inspecting a diamond held in tweezers with a loupe

Recommended inspections

We recommend that you have your jewelry cleaned and inspected annually, and more often if you are active. Cleaning and security checkups are always free at Fox Fine Jewelry! It takes just a few minutes and you’ll leave sparkling and safe.

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Jewelry insurance

Insurance plays an important role in your protection. It can cover you in the case of theft or losing your jewelry. Insurance can also cover damage that isn’t covered under warranty - for example due to wear and tear or accidents.

In fact, we believe insurance is so important that any engagement ring from Fox Fine Jewelry comes with complimentary insurance for the first year!