George Fox began making jewelry at age sixteen. He's now one of the top jewelers in the country.

George Fox at his bench at Fox Fine Jewelry, in 2004

Early years

As a teen in Los Angeles, George began his jewelry career, doing large production runs of silver jewelry in his bedroom at his parent’s house!

He later worked in a jewelry store in Westwood, before opening his own store in Venice.

In 1988 George shifted to trade work, doing large quantities of repairs and custom orders for other jewelers. This allowed him to focus solely on fixing and creating jewelry, further improving his skills.

In 1993, George and Debbie married. They moved to Ventura in 1998 to raise their three daughters and opened Fox Fine Jewelry.

George Fox, AGS Certified Gemologist Appraiser at Fox Fine Jewelry

A lifetime of learning

George Fox has always been fascinated with how things work, fixing them or making them better. So when he found he had a talent for making jewelry, he devoted himself to learning the craft. To this day, George’s free time is still spent learning, like his “vacations” to elite level workshops.

George also holds the highest level gemological certification in the world: an AGS Certified Gemologist Appraiser. He is also a GIA Graduate Gemologist.

3D Printing of resin for custom jewelry at Fox Fine Jewelry

Early adopter of technology

George is fascinated by how technology can improve jewelry quality. He adopted the following technologies when they were brand new:

  • 1990: George begins using a laser welder, which revolutionizes platinum repair and more.
  • 1998: George shifts custom jewelry production to CAD (computer design for jewelry making), creating a more precise result, at a lower price.
  • 2015: George uses 3D printing for jewelry models.


George did an AMAZING job bringing this antique piece back to life!  Emma G., Google, April 2022

The rings far exceeded our expectations!!  George is a true artist at his craft!!  Carrie M., Yelp, Nov. 2019

George is quite literally a magician when it comes to his craft!   Kris S., Yelp, April 2018