What to Know Before Getting a Sapphire Engagement Ring

What to Know Before Getting a Sapphire Engagement Ring

5 engagement rings, showcasing different colors of sapphires: blue, green, teal, orange, and purple

Sapphires are a great choice

  • Sapphires are very hard. Most people get many years of enjoyment. While sapphires can scratch or chip, they can be polished or repaired.

  • Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors and hues! If you want a blue sapphire, there are many shades of blue, from light dark, some with tones of grey, brown, green, or purple.

  • Sapphire engagement rings are unique. A sapphire center or side stones makes a classic design unique!

Image: Sapphire rings, custom made by Fox Fine Jewelry

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire cost

Several factors affect a sapphire's cost. Of course, the size is one of the most important cost factors. Apart from the size, look at:

  • Sapphire shape
  • Sapphire color
  • Sapphire inclusions
  • Unheated with a report
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Round sapphire, oval sapphire, and elongated cushion sapphire

Sapphire shape

Sapphires can be cut to any shape, but cutting an elongated cushion or oval sapphire most closely follows the shape of the sapphire rough. There's less waste and therefore, all other factors being equal, an elongated cushion or oval sapphire usually costs less. A round sapphire will cost more, since cutting the round wastes more of the sapphire rough.


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Sapphire Color

Apart from size, color is the most important factor for most people, and has a significant price impact.

  • Sapphire Vibrancy


    The more vibrant and intense the color is, generally the more it costs. But the price drops off quickly when the color gets too dark, like the one on the right side, above.

  • A grayish blue round sapphire, a vibrant blue sapphire, and a brownish teal saphire


    Many sapphires have an undertone of grey or brown that makes the color less pure. Depending upon the amount of undertone, especially with blue sapphires, the price can drop dramatically.

  • A pear sapphire showing green and yellow color zoning, and an oval sapphire with blue and white color zoning

    Color Zoning

    Color zoning is when a portion of the sapphire has one color and the rest has a different color, often clear. Sapphires with color zoning cost less, depending upon where the color zoning is and how it affects the sapphire's beauty.

Heavily Included sapphire


While sapphire inclusions affect the sapphire's value, as long as they are moderate and your sapphire isn't very light in color or white, they won't affect the beauty of the gemstone. Therefore sapphire inclusions have a smaller impact on price. But if the inclusions are large and obvious, the price can decrease

Image: A heavily included sapphire.

GIA Unheated Report

Unheated with a report

The vast majority of all gemstones, including sapphires, have been heated to bring out their color. This treatment is permanent and goes all the way through the sapphire. If you scratch or chip your sapphire and have it repaired, your sapphire will still be the same color.

Unheated sapphires must have provenance and be reported. Beautiful rich colors, like the popular blue sapphires, are much more rare when not heat treated. So expect a significant premium for your desired color, the provenance and the report.

There are many factors to consider when selecting your sapphire. Use exceptional care when purchasing from photos, as color, inclusions, and zoning may be masked.

At Fox Fine Jewelry, all gemstones are selected by GIA Certified Gemologists. We look forward to helping you!

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