Classic Round Diamond Engagement Ring
Classic Round Diamond Engagement Ring

9 Perfect Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

Gold engagement ring with diamonds

Diamonds are the focal point of engagement rings, and their shape makes a tremendous difference in the look of your ring. Each diamond shape has unique characteristics and symbolism. Some may prefer a trending diamond shape and others may be drawn to classic diamond shapes and engagement ring styles. Whatever your style is, your engagement ring should match your personality, preferences, and love story.

A round cut diamond is the original shape, cut since the diamond saw was invented in the 1400’s! Diamond shapes have multiplied in more recent decades, like the princess cut and the marquise. Diamond shapes do go in and out of “style,” but we think you should view them, side-by-side in person, and select the shape that is right for your taste, style, and hand shape.

For all shapes, however, the quality of a diamond’s cut determines its brilliance. Well-cut diamond shapes exhibit superior light reflection and refraction, which is what you see as sparkle!

Shopping for engagement rings isn’t simply picking any option available. Though many of us are drawn to pieces that immediately capture our hearts, it would still be best to weigh other factors before making a choice:

  • Your partner’s (or your) style and personality
  • Finger shape and size
  • Aesthetic preference: classic, modern, or vintage
  • The symbolism of different diamond shapes
  • The quality of a diamond’s cut

This guide lists the different diamond shapes and cuts for engagement rings to help you pick your dream ring.

Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

Other than shapes or cuts, the quality of diamond engagement rings is also determined by their clarity, color, and carat weight ( 4Cs of diamonds ). Here’s a list of the most popular diamond shapes available.
Round diamond engagement ring accented by blue stone

1. Round Cut

A Round-cut diamond is a timeless favorite. This cut’s 58 facets are responsible for its exceptional brilliance and fire because its symmetrical design maximizes light reflection. However, due to its high demand and intricate cutting process, round-cut diamonds have a slightly higher price tag than other diamond shapes.

Elegant Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

2. Oval Cut

The oval diamond shape  has 57 to 58 facets and offers a unique look. An oval shaped diamond can make your fingers appear longer and more slender. This option is great if you want something other than the typical round shape that gives a slimming look. 

An oval-cut diamond appears larger and more prominent than other cuts of the same carat weight. But ovals can be difficult to cut well, so be aware of a visible “bow tie,” a black area in the center that looks just like a bow tie! Selecting an oval can be difficult for this reason, and we strongly suggest you view your oval diamond in person before you purchase it. 

Sleek emerald-cut diamond with trimmed corners

3. Emerald Cut

Emerald-cut diamonds are rectangular with trimmed corners. This diamond cut is known for its clean lines and elegant simplicity. Unlike other cuts, its facets are arranged in long, narrow steps, creating a depth that is similar to looking into a quiet pool of water. The step cuts of emerald cut diamonds are unique and give a very different look to this diamond shape compared to other shapes.

Emerald cut diamonds are popular for their sophisticated appearance, and look especially beautiful in larger sizes. But emerald-cut diamonds, with their “glass-looking” appearance, reveal imperfections more readily. If you are choosing an emerald cut diamond, you’ll probably want to opt for a higher clarity compared to other diamond cuts.

Side diamonds that pair well with emerald cut diamonds include other emerald cuts, baguettes (a small diamond that has a thin, long step cut), and rounds. Or, consider a three stone ring with an emerald cut in the center, and a pear cut on either side for a classic, uncluttered look!

Diamond-cut engagement ring for modern brides

4. Radiant Cut

The popularity of this diamond cut is on the rise due to its modern appeal and intense sparkle. It's a very up-and-coming choice for engagement rings with a unique rectangular shape with brilliant 70 facets. 

Radiant-cut diamond offers the same shape or “outline” as an emerald cut, but looks entirely different. To most, they either prefer the calm coolness of an emerald cut, or the brilliant sparkle of a radiant cut. As a bonus, a radiant doesn’t have the same constraints of the higher clarity of an emerald cut, plus they usually cost a bit less than a round diamond.

Elegant Pear-Cut Diamond Shapes

5. Pear Cut

A pear-cut diamond, also known as the teardrop shape, combines the features of a round cut and a marquise cut. It has one pointed end and a rounded end. The elongated form of a pear-cut diamond creates the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers. Its brilliant facets provide a diamond with exceptional sparkle and brilliance. 

Similar to a marquise cut diamond, the sharp tip of a pear-cut diamond may be susceptible to chipping, so it’s important that you have an experienced jeweler, like Fox Fine Jewelry, who is skilled at setting them safely to protect your diamond.

Square cushion-cut diamond engagement ring

6. Cushion Cut

Cushion-cut diamonds feature a square (or sometimes rectangular) shape with several cuts on the ends, giving the impression of rounded corners. They resemble a pillow or cushion shape,  hence their name. The larger facets and slightly curved corners make cushion-cut diamonds popular due to their romantic and vintage appeal. With this shape, you can have a classic and trendy ring style. In fact, cushion cuts go with just about any ring style! The shape effortlessly combines with either straight lines or curves of your favorite ring.

The quality of cushion-cut diamonds may vary.  As your trusted jeweler, Fox Fine Jewelry can show you loose diamonds, side-by-side, so you can determine the best diamond for you, at a comfortable price within your budget.

Princess cut diamond engagement ring

7. Princess Cut

A princess-cut diamond is known for its square shape with pointed corners. It quickly became popular in the 1980’s as a modern alternative. A princess cut's 90-degree corners and pyramid-like facets help maximize its sparkle. 

This diamond shape is perfect for various ring styles, like classic solitaires or contemporary settings. If you prefer straight, clean lines in your ring, consider a princess cut. They look great when paired with side diamonds such as princess cuts and rounds, but also pair well with other shapes.

A unique variation is to set your princess cut “on point” or “star set,” so that the diamond tip lines up with your fingertip, instead of the flat side. This gives a new world of options and a completely different look for your princess cut!

Like the tips on the pear and marquis, the setting must be done by a skilled jeweler to protect the corners against chipping.

Classic marquise-cut diamond engagement ring

8. Marquise Cut

A marquise-cut diamond is elongated with pointed ends, similar to the shape of an almond. It is close to the oval cut, however, a marquise-cut diamond has pointed ends, while an oval-cut has rounded ends. 

The marquise-cut’s unique silhouettes also create the illusion of greater size and length, maximizing the diamond’s carat weight. Their length gives the ring a real focal point, much like an oval or a pear. Plus, their shape is a slimming one!

For a time the marquise cut diamond fell out of favor. But now it is increasing in popularity as a new generation discovers its unique length and look. In a modern setting, engagement rings with marquise cut diamonds can look very fresh and new.

Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

9. Heart-shaped

A heart-shaped diamond symbolizes love and romance. Its distinct silhouette has a pointed bottom and rounded top. Heart-shaped diamonds, in terms of shape and quality, can vary significantly,  so achieving symmetry, proportion, and a brilliant light performance will require Fox Fine Jewelry’s guidance. Our team can help you select a heart-shaped diamond with precise cutting and proportions.

Shop for Different Diamond Shapes

Display of stunning engagement ring designs
Display of stunning engagement ring designs
Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura County offers all of the diamond shapes and cuts to make any engagement ring unforgettable. Feel free to browse our collection and stop in to see our extensive selection of diamonds and diamond rings in person.  For those who want a truly unique look and feel, talk to us about designing a custom diamond engagement ring today. 


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