How do I make yellow gold look white?

Plating is for walk in clients only in our Ventura, CA store.

Fox Fine Jewelry does custom recreations in different metal colors for clients across the country; prices begin at $1,500.

There are two ways to make your yellow gold jewelry look white: Plating and Recreation.

Making yellow gold earrings to white

Plating jewelry

We can rhodium plate your yellow gold jewelry, which makes it look bright white. Rhodium plating starts at $72.

Pros: It's inexpensive and fast (typically 1-2 weeks).

Cons: It's temporary, especially for everyday rings.

We recommend rhodium plating yellow gold jewelry if:

  1. You wear it infrequently. 
  2. It's a pendant or earrings (they receive minimal contact; plating lasts much longer).
  3. You don't want to invest in the recreation of your jewelry in white metal.
Plate Your Jewelry
A diamond and sapphire ring in white gold, with the before in yellow gold.

Remake your jewelry in white gold or platinum

We can create a replica of your jewelry in white gold, including setting your original diamonds and gemstones into the replica.


  1. It's a permanent change in metal color.
  2. You can made design changes.
  3. Your jewelry will be well made, in brand new condition.

Cons: It's more expensive and takes about eight weeks.

Remaking your jewelry in the metal color you want is the only permanent solution to change the metal color. If it's a piece you love or it's sentimental, consider recreation.

Custom Replica Jewelry


"My ring needed to be completely remade in a new setting as the original setting was damaged beyond repair. I was worried as I really loved and was attached to my original ring. They promised the remake would be identical and they were right! I was so excited to see that they had successfully remade the ring I originally fell in love with."

Kaitlyn Dillon, Google, January 2023

Short Video on a Ring Recreation

Two large gent's rings with diamonds (one in yellow gold, one in white) turned into a round halo necklace in white gold

Alternative option

A third option is to remove your diamonds or gemstones and reset them into something you'll love to wear. We can give you a credit for the old metal, too!

Redesign Your Jewelry
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