Karen Fox reviewing a CAD file to remake lost or stolen jewelry.

Recreate or replicate lost or stolen jewelry from a photo

Fox Fine Jewelry specializes in jewelry replicas and ring duplicates, whether lost, stolen, or broken.

Exact jewelry replicas begin at $1,500.
The $1,500 minimum applies to all jewelry duplicates, including jewelry in silver, with cubic zirconia (cz's), or lab grown diamonds.

A black and white photo of a double trillion cluster diamond engagement ring that was lost or stolen, with the replica Fox Fine Jewelry made.

Jewelry recreated from a photo or drawing

Fox Fine Jewelry recreates jewelry from photos, even blurry ones! You can also draw or describe it.

Your picture will give us the style and era, plus diamond and gemstone information. If any portion of your jewelry is not visible in the photo, we ask you questions, and refer to similar pieces from the era.

A jewelry appraisal is helpful but not necessary for a replica.

Before and After Photos
Drawing of a cross from a client with the replica next to it

The replica process

Whether remote or in person, making a replica from a photo or drawing is similar to our custom design process.  

You'll begin with one of our design specialists. Once all design details are finalized, we’ll give you a firm quote. Your jewelry is then made in our on premises workshop. Jewelry duplicates or recreations generally take about eight weeks and begin at $1,500.

Our Custom Process


"I had my ring stolen and it was very special to me. I reached out to Fox Fine Jewelry after searching a lot of other jewelers who make replicas. The communication from the very start set them apart from everyone else. The entire staff have been nothing short of stellar. I just received my ring and I am beyond amazed. It looks even BETTER than my original. Thank you everyone at Fox for exceeding my expectations!!!"

Lori Dyson, Google, October 2022

A men's ring that was worn for many years, then lost or stolen, with Fox Fine Jewelry's new replica ring based on the original design..

Cost of recreating jewelry from a photo

Every replica project is different. The cost depends on the metal type, number of stones, size of the piece, and other variables. To give you an idea, simple replicas start at $1,500, and go up from there.

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Asscher diamond, replica from a photo

Duplicate your jewelry with modifications

You may want an exact duplicate. If not, this is a perfect opportunity to reimagine any part of your replica. For example, you might want a bigger center stone, a different metal color, or a more contemporary design. We can make an exact replica from your photo, or one with any changes – it’s your choice!

Before and After Photos

Jewelry Recreations from Fox Fine Jewelry

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Fox Fine Jewelry copies jewelry for people across the country

Jewelry recreations begin at $1,500. Please contact us for a quote!

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