What do I do with inherited jewelry?

What do I do with inherited jewelry?

Fox Fine Jewelry can help you with your inherited jewelry, whether you want to learn about or insure, repair, redesign, or sell it!

Antique filigree radiant aquamarine refurbishment - the shank was broken, milgrain worn, center abraded, prongs worn. It's fixed now!

You love your inherited jewelry

Fantastic! We recommend you bring it in for a complimentary security inspection and cleaning.

Inherited jewelry often needs repairs, especially when passed down from a less active generation. Normal daily activities of a younger person can cause worn out prongs to fail, leading to lost diamonds or gemstones, among other damage. Fox Fine Jewelry carefully inspect your inherited jewelry to make sure it's safe - and beautiful.

Antique Jewelry Refurbishment
Before of two halo rings with missing stones, with two sketches of design options: one art nouveau/art deco style, and one clean, simple, and modern ring.

You don't like the style of your inherited jewelry.

You have three options:

  1. Redesign it. Use the gems to create a new piece you’ll love wearing. Some pieces can be modified – for example a cocktail ring can often be turned into a pendant.

  2. Sell it. If you won’t wear it or prefer to have the money instead, bring it to Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura, CA. For large quantities, we recommend an appointment.

  3. Keep it. Will another heir wear it, now or in the future? If so, then consider taking it to your local jeweler for a security check and cleaning, and then keep it!


"My experience with Fox Fine Jewelry was exceptional! We handled the whole transaction via text because I live in Texas and they’re in California. They were very attentive and helpful in my design.

I would recommend Fox Fine Jewelry to anyone looking to redesign or purchase a new ring. This was the best online shopping and buying experience I have ever had. Thank you Fox Fine Jewelry!!! I’ll be back!"

Kenny Patterson, Google, March 2023

An old inherited ring that wasn't a clients style, turned into a new rose gold cross using the diamonds.

How to redesign inherited jewelry

Consider questions such as:

  • What type of jewelry do you want (ring, pendant, earring, bracelet)?
  • What styles do you like?
  • How often and where will you wear your new jewelry?
  • Would you like one piece or multiple pieces?

These questions are usually answered best with the assistance of a complimentary design consultation. We’ll ask questions, and then give you design choices, timeline, and prices.

If you have other jewelry you don’t wear, you’ll receive a 30% trade in bonus, lowering your cost. Appointments recommended but not required.

Make an Appointment
A yellow gold emerald bracelet with links removed to create matching necklaces.

Ideas for what to do with inherited jewelry

Combine different pieces, including your own jewelry, into a single piece. Or combine jewelry from your mother and father (or grandparents) into one piece representing them together.

Take one sentimental piece and make multiple, similar pieces for your family. This works well when a pendant or ring has many similar diamonds or gemstones. Bracelet links and earrings can be made into pendants or rings.

Some cocktail rings can be made into a pendant by removing the back of the ring and adding an area for a chain. Clip on earrings can be converted to pierced earrings or matching pendants. Some small pendants can be used as a ‘top plate’ for a ring.

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