How do I figure out my ring size?

How do I figure out my ring size?

Your ring should feel comfortable, with some resistance when you take it off. Here's how to determine your best ring size.

Oval Engagement Ring that fits on a hand

Fingers change size

Most peoples' fingers change sizes throughout the day. Your fingers will likely be larger when you wake up, when you're active or exercising, on hot days, or after you've had a lot of salt or alcohol.

If you’re wearing a ring for the first time (like an engagement ring or a wedding band) you might not know how much your fingers change in size. For this reason, it may be helpful to size yourself several times under different circumstances.

A standard ring is not curved on the bottom, vs a comfort fit ring is curved; a ring that is hollow underneath the center design will fit looser.

Your ring size depends on the ring style

  • Comfort-fit rings are wider rings that are curved on the inside (less of the ring touches your finger). The greater the comfort fit (curve), the smaller your ring size.

  • Wide rings fit tighter than narrow rings, particularly if they are not comfort fit.

  • Rings with a large top with a hollow underside will fit a little looser than a jeweler's sizing ring, as your finger will fill up the hollow underside.

  • Rings with a large center stone can spin because of the heavier weight on top. To reduce spinning, get the smallest size that is still comfortable.
Three hands, one with medium knuckles, large knuckles, and tapered fingers

Your ring size depends on your hand shape

Your ring size differs depending on the shape of your hand:

  • Medium Knuckles: Your knuckle is slightly larger than the wearing position; they're not too large to get your ring on, but still large enough to keep it from falling off.
  • Larger Knuckles: Your knuckle is much larger than the wearing position. You will want to get a ring as tight as you can conveniently remove it, as it will tend to spin when worn. If it still spins, there are solutions. Contact us or stop in to learn about the best option for you!
  • Tapered Fingers: Your wearing position is larger than the knuckle. There is very little wiggle room for getting the correct size. A size too large will fall off because there is no knuckle to keep it on, and size too small will squeeze your finger. Our best advice is to be sized by the jeweler who is sizing your ring.
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"We went into Fox Fine Jewelry to see about having my wedding rings resized. They were super friendly. I was never once pressured me to do it. Amazing customer service and an absolutely amazing store. Thank you Fox Fine Jewelry."

Jen D., Yelp, December 2020

  • Do rings come in half sizes?

    Most rings are manufactured in ½ sizes. Some jewelers are able to size to the ¼ size, a great improvement over ½ sizes. Fox Fine Jewelry sizes to the ⅛ size! For many people, having their size adjusted by ⅛ of a size makes all the difference in comfort, turning, or removing their ring.

  • Are ring sizes accurate?

    Metal or plastic ring sizers are relatively accurate. However, ring sizes vary from jeweler to jeweler (usually up to ½ a size). We recommend getting sized by the jeweler you purchase your ring from to make sure it's as accurate as possible.

  • What if I can't get my ring off?

    Over time most people's finger will adjust to a tight ring, and you’ll often see an indentation at the wearing position. As we age, fingers and/or knuckles usually get bigger. If you’re unable to remove your ring, stop in to Fox Fine Jewelry. We’ll safely cut your ring off and it's complimentary! Your finger may take a couple of months to normalize before we can take your correct size to size your ring.

  • Can you size an eternity ring?

    Most eternity rings can be sized! There may be a small sizing spacer, which can be engraved to minimize the small area. Other rings that are very difficult to size include inlay or invisibly set rings, rings with designs that encircle the ring, and others. The sizing methods require a very high level of expertise and experience. But in most cases it can be done. Contact us - we'd love to help you!

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