How much is it to size a ring?

How much is it to size a ring?

At Fox Fine Jewelry, the cost to size a ring begins at $84. Here are factors that determine ring sizing cost.

Men's rings in different metal types, including white gold, yellow gold, platinum, two tone, and a black contemporary metal

Metal type


Surprisingly, the cost to size a silver ring is not much less than for a gold ring. That's because silver is an excellent conductor of heat. Resizing silver rings requires a jeweler to take extra precautions to protect your gemstones. 


White gold rings cost slightly more than yellow and rose gold rings, because the sizing process removes the rhodium plating (which makes your ring bright white), so it will need to be rhodium plated again.


Platinum is the most difficult precious metal to work in and therefore costs more. Working with platinum is a Fox Fine Jewelry specialty, but many jewelers do not have the training or specialized equipment to work in platinum. Make sure your jeweler is repairing your platinum ring with platinum and not white gold! For strength, wear, and looks, platinum should not be repaired with gold.

Contemporary metals

Contemporary metals (like titanium, cobalt, tungsten, and zirconium) and other base metals cannot be resized. For sentimental or important rings we can sometimes ream out some metal to make them a larger size or creating a metal insert to make them a smaller size.

A solitaire with one stone, and an east west pear halo ring with many diamonds, which would be more to size

Number of stones

Resizing a ring changes the curve of the ring, and will loosen prongs. At Fox Fine Jewelry, we tighten the prongs of every diamond and gemstone. The greater the number of diamonds, the more tightening, and the higher the cost.

If you are not local, make sure your sizing includes tightening your prongs!

Image: Sizing the solitaire (top) will cost less than sizing the halo (bottom).


"From the moment I stepped in to Fox Fine Jewelry, my worries about sizing my ring melted away! They check and tighten all the prongs for the diamonds on your ring. They also take pictures of your ring, and insure the diamonds upon intake. It made me feel very assured about leaving it there.

I picked up my ring and it fits like a glove. Thank you to all at Fox for a wonderful experience. I would recommend them to anyone!!"

Madeleine S., Yelp, August 2020

One ring in a size 7.75 vs a ring in a size 4.

Size difference

Sizing up or down? Sizing up takes a jeweler more time than sizing down, plus metal is added. Therefore, the price to size down is less than the price to size up. 

How far up or down? The smaller the change in size, the lower the price, because large changes in ring sizes are difficult. In fact, some large changes in size can be nearly impossible!

At Fox Fine Jewelry we are known for our ability to size many rings with size changes so great that most jewelers say it can't be done.

Two solitaire rings: one with a thin, 1.7mm shank, and one with a 10 mm shank

Ring width

How wide is the back of your ring?  The narrower your ring, the lower the price to resize your ring. If it's wider, it will take more time and require more metal.

Image: The narrow ring (above) will cost less to size than the wide ring (below).

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