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Learn about Mother's Birthstone Rings and Necklaces

Mother's rings and necklaces represent your family, made with your family’s birthstones, one birthstone for each family member.

Shows birthstones by month with an image: January-garnet, february-amethyst, march-aquamarine, april-diamond, may-emerald, june-alexandrite, july-ruby, august-peridot, september-sapphire, october-tourmaline, november-topaz/citrine, december-zircon


Birthstones are gemstones that represent the month of your birthday. 

Some months have more than one birthstone. For example, June is pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. October is opal and pink tourmaline. December is all things blue: Turquoise, tanzanite, blue zircon. Although not technically a December birthstone, blue topaz is often used.

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Shows mothers necklaces with different birthstones and quantities: one is a heart, one is infinity, one is a bar, and one is a circle

Which family birthstones should I include?

For a newer mom, it is usually her kid’s birthstones. You can also include the husband’s birthstone, and mom’s too, for the entire family!

For a grandma, mother’s rings and necklaces are extra special. Necklaces can usually hold more birthstones than rings, so if there’s a large family, that might be a better choice. Alternatively, just the grandkid’s birthstones can be used.

Which order should I put the birthstones?

Sometimes the birthstones are placed in birth order. For a grandmother’s ring, you might have her oldest child’s kids, followed by the next child’s kids, and so on.

Other times people choose the most aesthetic look. At Fox Fine Jewelry, we’ll help you decide the best layout of your birthstones.


"Fox was great to work with! Extremely friendly staff in the store, and very responsive online. They're very accommodating in helping pick out a custom piece from designs we liked and ordered in a timely manner. Thank you Fox 😊"

Daniel Logue, Google, December 2022

a coil ring on a hand with bezel set enhanced colored diamonds, and a yellow gold bypass ring with enhanced colored diamonds

Colored diamonds are more durable

At Fox Fine Jewelry, we recommend using colored diamonds to represent the birthstones for mother’s rings and necklaces:

  • Some birthstones are more prone to chipping and scratching.
  • Diamonds are not only durable, they sparkle much more.
  • In birthstone sizes, diamonds don’t cost that much more.

Plus, diamonds are forever - just like family!

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