family heirloom jewelry

Family Heirloom Jewelry

Similar pieces of jewelry made just for your family that can include your heirloom diamonds.
This allows your family to have memorable jewelry and share your diamonds.

Family heirloom jewelry can be different types of jewelry (pendants, rings, etc.) for men and women.

Oval Aquamarine pendants with varying gemstones accenting each, with a "P" inscribed on the back and a compass dangle.

Honoring family memories

Family heirloom jewelry can include symbols of your family. It can be the family name or initial, business or hobbies, or birthstones.

John’s matching necklaces include his birthstone, topped by the birthstone of each family member. The back side has a “P” for the family surname. Their hobby was boating, so we designed a compass rose for the end of each chain.

John had given jewelry to his family many times, but said, “Nothing came close to the Christmas when they opened these necklaces.”

Five necklaces of two hands holding a diamond in the shape of a heart.

Honoring someone who passed

A mother had recently passed, leaving five daughters. She had worn one ring for decades. It had five little diamonds, and these were very special to the sisters. So they decided that each would get one diamond in a similar necklace, unique just to their family.

In honor of her passing, the design has loving hands, each cradling a diamond. Now all five share their mom’s diamonds and her memory together.


"I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with how the ring & the pendant came out - there were many happy tears! I can't say enough how amazing the whole journey was and how kind & caring the team is. Fox Fine Jewelry will be my forever jeweler!

Danielle S, Yelp, August 2022

A celtic style two tone bee citrine brooch, plus a scottish dancer wearing it at a competition.

Honoring your heritage

Barbara Haskins is Scottish, and the second generation of Ojai’s Heavenly Honey. Barbara grew up surrounded by bees and honey, and now her daughter Olivia is also.

The family wanted Olivia to have a special pin, commemorating her Scottish heritage - a gift from her grandma.

The three generations - Barbara, her mom, and Olivia - came into Fox Fine Jewelry. We designed her pin, with Celtic knots and thistles.

Then ten year old Olivia asked, “May I have bees on the pin? Bees are part of our family heritage too.”

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Two infinity style necklaces with a diamond in each: one in white gold and one in rose gold.

Heirloom diamond necklaces

Joyce’s family was very tight knit. When her dad passed, Joyce inherited his diamond ring, and wanted to make family heirloom jewelry.

Joyce choose infinity style necklaces, representing the family's strong bonds to each other.

The necklaces were so popular, that other family members wanted one!

But Joyce didn't have enough diamonds. So she decided to be a part of the legacy - and used her own diamonds.

Now everyone in her family has a family necklace. To wear now, and to pass down.

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