Engraving on Jewelry and Giftware

We engrave on almost anything! There are three types of engraving:

  • Inside ring engraving
  • Computerized engraving (usually on giftware or flat jewelry surfaces)
  • Hand engraving (usually decorative or monograms on the outside of jewelry)

Inside Ring Engraving

Fox Fine Jewelry will engrave your special message on the inside of your ring. We’ll be sure to size your ring before we engrave! The amount of characters that will fit depends upon a few factors:

  • The size of the ring – larger finger sizes accommodate more characters
  • How far the diamonds or gemstones go down the sides of the ring – stones should have a small hole behind them to allow the light to reflect back. The area behind the stones isn’t engravable.
  • The width of the ring – some rings are wide enough to accommodate two lines of engraving

A starting point is to plan for a maximum of 30 characters, including spaces. A few rings allow for more characters; many rings will fit less. Inside ring machine engraving begins at $30.

Computerized Giftware Engraving

Many people give commemorative gifts to celebrate special occasions. Personal messages can be engraved on giftware and flat items, like pendants and charms. Fox Fine Jewelry uses computerized engraving on most of these items. We will advise you if hand engraving will give a superior result.

The metal on the giftware, pendant or charm must be thick enough so that the engraving will not impact the piece. Most jewelry and giftware is fine to be engraved on, but some thinner pendants, charms and lockets cannot be engraved on. Hollow pieces cannot be engraved on. Computerized engraving begins at $75.

Hand engraving and monograms

Hand engraving and monograms require an exceptional level of skill, the correct equipment and lots of practice! All of our hand engraving and monograms are done by our owner, Master Jeweler and Certified Gemologist George Fox.

There are many engraving patterns that fit well onto the exterior of rings and jewelry, depending upon the width of the area to be engraved. All engraving and jewelry repairs are done on-premises. Your jewelry is photographed and insured while at Fox Fine Jewelry. Stop in or contact us to learn more!