Fox Fine Jewelry is passionately committed to community involvement and charitable giving.

These initiatives include gifting thousands of gemstone and diamond necklaces, raising nearly $70,000 for those in need, and donating to over 100 charities annually.

Ventura Strong Necklaces

Giving hope after the fire

In December 2017, the Thomas Fire raged through our cities. In response, we made custom diamond necklaces that represented each affected city. We gave them to people whose home was burned – about 900 necklaces!

We also sold the necklaces and donated the profits totalling nearly $70,000 to several community organizations assisting in the recovery efforts.

The California Collection necklaces are the Ventura Wave, Ojai Mountains, Thrive 805 and SoCal Strong.

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Recipient of Free Necklace for Valentines hugging Debbie Fox

Valentine gifts for the unemployed

Shortly before Valentine’s Day, 2009, as the Great Recession began, Fox Fine Jewelry pledged to give free sterling silver necklaces to the unemployed. The initiative was picked up locally, and then worldwide by TV, radio, and the AP. It brought people from distant cities, creating a line down the street.

The overwhelming response prompted us to reach out to our jeweler networks. As a result, an estimated 150 jewelers in the U.S. and Canada gave away necklaces.

Fox Fine Jewelry gave away nearly 1,000 silver necklaces. And across the country, thousands more were given to people who otherwise might not have had a Valentine’s Day gift.

Fox Fine Jewelry Back Area

Renovation inspires others

In 2013, Fox Fine Jewelry purchased our current location in the heart of downtown Ventura. The building was dilapidated and the back entrance led to a neglected alley that was a haven for crime. Undaunted, we renovated it, making our back entrance just as welcoming as our front, with a garden patio, lighting, and security.

The renovation had a dramatic impact on crime and others took note. In 2018, in a city-private partnership, the entire alley was renovated in a matching style, transforming the area.


"Fox was the most professional, knowledgeable, and generous jewelry store that I have ever been to. Family run, and you can see how much that matters. The prices are very reasonable and you are treated fairly, and professionally. Highest recommendation!"

James Schley, Google, Jan. 2023

Charitable Organization Donation Requests

Fox Fine Jewelry considers all requests for Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Thousand Oaks events benefitting an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Make your request on your letterhead and send to Requests received two or more months in advance of the event have the best opportunity to be filled. If available, information such as expected attendance, ticket price, and demographics assist us in selecting jewelry that best matches your audience.