Gold & Silver Plating

Rhodium, Silver & Gold Plating

There are two types of plating processes. The first is plating over items that are not made out of gold or silver, like costume jewelry. The second plating is rhodium plating, also called "dipping," and is done over white gold, yellow gold and silver jewelry. 

Plating over costume jewelry

Gold plating costume necklace before and afterGold plating can be done on most items, including costume jewelry, watches and sculptures. We strip off any old gold plating, polish and clean your items. Next we remove any dents or scratches where ever possible, to give you the best results. Finally we put on several layers of gold plating, with a curing time in between. This service can take up to three weeks. The cost begins at $100 for small items like rings and small pendants. Items like earrings, large pendants and bracelets are usually between $125 - $225, depending upon the intricacy and condition of the piece.

Gold plating is suitable for jewelry that will not get heavy wear or rubbing on other items. Rings and bracelets receive more wear than pendants, earrings and brooches. The plating will wear off more rapidly, exposing the metal below. We recommend that you considering remaking the item in yellow gold, especially for rings.

Silver plating is often done on antique and vintage tea sets and tableware. Fox Fine Jewelry can remove most dents and silver plate most item sizes. Each item is fully polished and refurbished to remove the existing plating, and as many dents and scratches as possible. Then it is placed in an enclosed "bath" several times. These pieces are usually larger and therefore require a large amount of polishing and a large bath. Prices are by quote, but for example, replating a silver platter starts at $200.

Rhodium plating or "dipping"

White gold ring without rhodium and with rhodium platingRhodium plating is a plating that is put on virtually all white gold jewelry. It is often referred to as dipping, because a part of the process includes dipping your jewelry into rhodium. Rhodium, a platinum metal, wears off with time, especially on the back side of rings and on the tops of the prongs. If your jewelry is no longer bright white, bring it to Fox Fine Jewelry. We’ll rhodium plate it and have it sparkling white again! Rhodium plating is $65 for most women's rings. This includes cleaning, polishing and plating.

Gold and silver plating services

We replate just about anything that can be plated! Exceptions include items that are very large (over about a foot in length). We also can not plate an item that is part nonmetal. For example we can not plate a purse buckle if it can't be removed from the purse.  Fox Fine Jewelry will plate:

  • Costume, vintage and antique jewelry
  • Watch bands and watches (if the movement can be removed)
  • Tea sets and tableware
  • Sculptures
  • Items with gemstones (removal and resetting may be necessary for certain gemstones)


Silver plated antique candlesticks before and after