Maintaining your jewelry lengthens it life, and keeps it sparkling!

A person lifting weights while wearing a ring.

Ring care

To keep your ring safe and your settings secure, remove it for activities such as gardening, weightlifting, working with tools, and swimming.

To keep your ring clean and beautiful, remove it when cooking or putting on lotion, sunscreen, or perfume. Things like batter, grease, or lotion coat your stones, making them look less brilliant.

Akoya pearl strand with knots between each pearl on a blue fabric background

Specialty gemstone care

Some stones are softer and require extra care to keep them secure. These stones, like pearls, emeralds, opals, and turquoise, should be the last thing you put on before leaving your home, and the first thing you take off when returning. Also remove them for sports, cleaning, gardening, and swimming.

Avoid spraying perfume when wearing pearls; it can cause the pearls to discolor. For opals, we recommend that you avoid water or high temperatures, so they don’t discolor, crack, break or dislodge. 


"They always offer to clean and check prongs on my rings. Very customer oriented. I highly recommend them."

Susan G, Yelp, February 2021

Niki Fox inspecting a diamond held in tweezers with a loupe

Complimentary jewelry checkups

Bring in your jewelry for a complimentary cleaning and security check, whether it was purchased at Fox Fine Jewelry or not.

We recommend checkups every six months, especially for rings. This helps keep your stones and jewelry secure.

If your jewelry needs repairs, we'll give you a quote. All repairs are done on site.

Halo ring sitting on a written appraisal

Jewelry Insurance

You can insure your ring through your homeowner's insurance, or you can use jewelry specific insurance. Consider Gemshield, which has excellent premiums and coverage. It even covers your jewelry if it's damaged or you lose it!

Jewelry Insurance

Jewelry Safety Tips

It’s important your ring isn't too big, as it can slip off and can be lost. Your finger size can change over time and even day to day. However, if you find your ring is consistently to loose, have us size it.

When you remove your ring, put it in a safe place, preferably in the same place every time, out of the reach of pets and children.