Art Show "Situated Within" by Anette Power and Mary Kolada Scott

Reception: Sat., July 13th, 5 - 7 PM
Show runs from 7/11 to 10/5

Anette Power

Anette's Story

Anette Power grew up on a tiny Swedish island, with a population of just 20 families! As a child, she played in the forests and the water, and explored on her bike. She sewed, made toys, and did art projects with her mom, an artist herself. 

Power applied for art and acting schools as a teen and was accepted to an acting school in Sweden. She then studied abroad in the US, and she fell in love with the U.S. culture and ambition. She couldn’t wait to return. 

So, Power moved to Pasadena, CA and studied acting. The pressures of a life auditioning made her
reconsider a career in art, and when she got a job as a receptionist for an
animation studio, she became intrigued by the background artists’ work. She came in early to practice background painting, put together a portfolio, and soon began doing freelance work.

Anette's Art

In time, Power developed a successful career as a background animator, working at Disney, Cartoon Network, and more, transitioning from hand to digital methods. In her free time, she painted at home and en plein air. 

In 2007 Power left work to become a full-time mother, but still immersed herself in fine art, painting in oil and perfecting her plein air works. Looking to expand her techniques, Power began studying abstract methods. Now, Power blends abstract and realism in her art. 

Power paints in her backyard studio, with multiple pieces always in progress. Her works are spread between an easel for oil pieces and a table for mixed media and acrylic work. Her work is her personal diary, and it showcases her love of lighting and composition. 

Power is busy, with two teens, daily painting, and completing her art degree at California State University, Channel Islands! In addition, Power also does graphic design freelance work. In her spare time, Power enjoys salsa dancing and hiking.

Mary Kolada Scott

Mary's Story

Born in Chicago, Mary Kolada Scott grew up in the San Fernando Valley. She showed artistic talent from a young age - her kindergarten teacher called Kolada Scott her “little artist.” However, art was far from her only passion. In middle school, the art class was full. So she took creative writing instead and was so excited when her very first poem was published! 

Mary Kolada Scott moved to Ventura in her 40’s and began working at the Ventura County Star newspaper. During her nearly 25 years there, she worked her way up, doing nearly every job from administration to editorial operations. In her early years at the paper, she met her future husband, Don. A year later they began dating and got married five months later! 

Mary's Art

As Kolada Scott was turning 50, she was an empty nester with extra time, so she enrolled in a watercolor class. This marked the beginning of a new phase for her, and when she retired in 2017, Kolada Scott became a full-time artist. 

Kolada Scott has continued taking workshops and classes, diving into the world of abstract and acrylic. Her guest bedroom has been converted into her studio, filled with several tables and an easel. There, she works on 3-4 pieces at a time. She uses collage, mixed media, and image transfer, and even incorporates her poems into some of her work! She collects unique materials in her daily life, to be repurposed into her latest creations. 

Recently, Mary Kolada Scott has begun working larger, painting outdoors where she has space, starting with gestural painting and letting that give the direction of the piece. She paints daily for at least an hour in the late morning or early afternoon, getting into “the zone” listening to artists like Van Morrison, The Beatles, and Linda Ronstadt. She gets inspiration from lyrics and poetry; their lines often become a part of her painting titles.

Kolada Scott is a member of the Ojai Valley Artists and the Santa Barbara Abstract Art Collective.

You can view Anette Power and Mary Kolada Scott's stunning work at Fox Fine Jewelry from July 11th to October 5th. Join us for their reception on July 13th.

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