Jewelry Renders vs Reality

Jewelry Renders vs Reality

Custom jewelry design is our specialty.

All of our custom jewelry is made on premises in our Ventura, CA workshop. This gives us complete control, and gives you excellent results!

The Custom Process
Before photo of a Jewelry render of an engagement ring, with pronounced prongs and no milgrain, looking blocky. After photo of the ring with milgrain, blended prongs, and rounded surfaces.

Jewelry CAD

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. Once you’re ready to bring your custom jewelry to life, we create your jewelry virtually. We make a model of your ring using 3D software, then email you images from different views.

Jewelry renders

Renders are computer-generated images of your jewelry. Renders are highly magnified compared to your finished piece. While they sometimes look blocky, these models are very helpful. Renders allow you to make design changes and give you confidence before we make your jewelry!

A jewelry render of a rose gold, yellow sapphire halo engagement ring, with pronounced prongs not folded over the stones and center sapphire slightly off color, next to a photo of the ring in real life with shaped prongs, and more of a true to life color.

Jewelry renders vs actual jewelry

Jewelry renders don't look exactly like finished jewelry. This is because
renders are the basis for our casting. Most of our work is done by hand after casting:

  • Sharp edges are polished and smoothed out.
  • Tall prongs are cut, shaped, and folded over your stones.
  • Some flat surfaces get beading (milgrain) or engraving

Image: Prongs are smooth and formed around the halo in the "Real Life" image.

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"I could not be more happy with my experience at Fox Fine Jewelry! Karen Fox sent high quality renders of the design, and was open and receptive to the few small changes we proposed. The final ring was delivered early, below the estimated price, and is EXACTLY what my fiancée wanted!"

Jim A., Yelp, November 2020

A render of an art deco diamond ring with no milgrain and no visible prongs, next to the ring in real life with individually set pave diamonds and lots of milgrain.

How jewelry renders differ from finished jewelry

  • Gemstone colors may not be true to life.
  • Metals can be reflective, mechanical, and have a slightly different color.
  • Diamond pave setting requires intricate metal cutting. Renders show a diamond in the center of a flat plane of metal.
  • Milgrain (beading), is a hand finishing technique, not shown in renders.

Image: Detailed finish work transforms a render's flat surfaces.

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