A split shank halo engagement ring side view, and a round halo engagement ring straight on

What kind of wedding bands go with halo engagement rings?

Engagement rings with a flat, straight ring rail that will work with straight wedding bands.

If your halo is suspended

Your halo and the halo supports are above your ring

On some halo engagement rings, the halo and its supports are designed so they are above the ring with no supports on the "north/south" side (extending towards your fingers or wrist).

If this is your ring design, you can match your engagement ring with a straight wedding band. You have many options to choose from!

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Don't put these engagement rings and wedding bands together

Three low set halo engagement rings

If the supports under your halo extend outward

Your halo has north/south supports

If the halo's supporting metal extends north/south (towards your fingers and wrist), then a straight wedding band will not fit snugly. It will rock, wearing your rings out, as shown in the short video above.

You have three options for a snug fit:

  1. Curved wedding band
  2. Slip under wedding band
  3. Ring guard
A curved wedding band, plus two views of it sitting flush next to a halo engagement ring

Option 1: Curved wedding band

Curved wedding bands are usually purchased with the engagement ring as a set, or they are custom made. It’s rare to find a ready-made curved band that matches, but occasionally it happens!

Fox Fine Jewelry specializes in custom made wedding bands that fit right up against your engagement ring. To get the perfect fit, we'll need to have your engagement ring during the design process.

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Wedding band with a "scoop out" to scoop under the halo, shown with an engagement ring for a flush look

Option 2: Slip Under wedding band

Some halo engagement rings can have a slip under custom wedding band, giving you the look of a straight wedding band.

It can be difficult to determine on your own if a slip under wedding band will work with your ring. Upon inspection of your engagement ring, we'll advise you if a slip under wedding band can be custom made for you.

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One contour ring guard with halo engagement ring and accent baguettes, one contour ring guard for heart shape halo ring

Option 3: Ring guard

A guard for a halo engagement ring is like two separate wedding bands connected by metal bridges at the back of your finger.

Guards usually come as a set with the engagement ring. Many ready-made options can be modified to fit your engagement ring. If not, we are happy to custom make one for you!

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"From the very first moment we loved everything about Fox Fine Jewelry. Every staff member was friendly, professional, experienced, gave great information and most importantly, listened to what we wanted. There was never any push to make a purchase and they respected and worked within our budget. My wife was speechless with the beautiful custom made wedding ring. Thank you to everyone at Fox Fine Jewelry."

Kevin Lukan, Google, July 2023

Fox Fine Jewelry specializes in custom wedding bands that fit snugly with your engagement ring. A snug fit eliminates tiny air gaps, which appear black next to the brilliance of your diamonds.

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