How to clean your engagement ring at home

How to clean your engagement ring at home

Daily wear makes your diamond engagement ring look cloudy. If you haven’t cleaned it recently, you’ll be surprised at the difference!

Engagement ring with caked on dirt and worn settings.

Before you clean your engagement ring

Sometimes a prong is lifted, with dirt lodged between the diamond and prong. Once the ring is cleaned and the dirt is gone, the diamond can fall out.

If it’s been a long time since your ring has been cleaned, and especially if it has small diamonds, please come to Fox Fine Jewelry (or your local jeweler) for cleaning and a security check.

Image: A diamond ring, dulled by dirt.

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How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

A jeweler will clean your ring best with professional equipment. But you can still do a pretty good job at home!

How To Clean Your Diamond Ring

1. Soak

Mix a bit of dish soap into very hot water. Soak your diamond ring for 10 – 30 minutes, depending upon how dirty it is.

2. Scrub

Using a clean, soft toothbrush, gently brush your diamond ring. Take special care to brush the bottom side of your diamonds and ring, and get into any crevices.

3. Rinse and Dry

Rinse and use a lint-free or diamond cloth to dry your ring.

4. Check

Is your diamond ring clean? Some dirt, like lotion and flour, is especially stubborn. Use a toothpick to gently work the dirt loose. Then repeat steps 1 - 3!


"Their staff are so patient and helpful and I love how they always offer to clean my jewelry. This is simply one of the best businesses (family-owned or not) that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with."

Kat Higgins, Google, August 2022

A yellow gold chain turned black from forgetting it on a boiling stove.

Common mistakes

Please do not boil your jewelry! We often repair burnt diamonds and jewelry from this.

Please do not clean with toothpaste! This wears down the metal and can and scratch it.

Image: A chain damaged from boiling

Diamond solitaire engagement ring being looked at with a loupe

Get it inspected

We recommend you visit Fox Fine Jewelry (or your local jeweler) at least annually for a cleaning and security inspection. We look for worn settings and advise you before a diamond falls out. We’re happy to help and it’s complimentary!

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