Fox Fine Jewelry has extensive experience restoring burnt jewelry.

Restoration of fire damaged jewelry begins at $75.

Firer damaged ring before and after repairs

Fire damaged jewelry

Many pieces of fire damaged jewelry can be refurbished! Good candidates for refurbishment:

  1. Sentimental or high value jewelry that was charred or only slightly melted
  2. Platinum jewelry (platinum melts at a higher temperature)
  3. Gold rings. Rings are less likely to melt than thinner pendant or earrings.
  4. Jewelry that was in a safe, near an exterior wall, or under a collapsed wall. Those areas usually don’t get as much heat.

Refurbishment of burnt silver jewelry depends upon the damage and the sentimental value. Silver has a lower melting temperature and the refurbishment cost usually exceeds the value.

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"I lost my wedding rings due to the fire. The jeweler was able to recreate my wedding band and engagement ring exactly.

Words are not enough to express how understanding, kind and helpful the staff have been to me. The jewelry they made for me is really beautiful. I wholeheartedly give Fox Fine Jewelry my highest recommendation!"

Marianne C., Yelp, February 2018

Before repolishing: Frosted, cloudy diamonds in a burnt ring. After repolishing: nice, sparkling diamonds restored in a refinished ring

Burnt diamonds

Burnt diamonds have a chalky, frosted appearance, but this damage is only surface deep. Fox Fine Jewelry will polish your diamonds, fully restoring them! Expect a small amount of weight loss, usually about 1 - 5%, depending upon the depth of the diamond burn.

Diamond repair pricing begins at $325 plus resetting so this is an excellent solution for sentimental or larger diamonds.

Melted Jewelry from a house fire

Melted jewelry

Options for melted jewelry

If your jewelry is only partially melted, we can recreate your jewelry based on what remains, or we can recreate it from a photo.

Watches are usually beyond repair. You can turn it into a pendant - ask us for ideas! Or you may wish to display them in shadow boxes.